Videos: THE SECRET OF THE CENTURY- Dr. Steven Greer. “We Call Them THE ELITE” 1% of The 1%. Matthew McConaughey “This Shouldn’t Be Happening!” “It Was All a Distraction!” U.S. General Makes A Confession. ‘Rescue America’ rally marches from Weho to Beverly Hills – Hollywood Protest organizers thank fans & everyone in country for supporting Save The Children event. Sign your petition to stop the Drag Queen Story Hours’ plot to indoctrinate children. MAGA guy David J Harris just got banned from American Airlines while on his way to speaking event. Seattle City Council Votes to ‘DEFUND the POLICE’ as Far Left Begins DESTROYING ITSELF!!! Downtown Chicago Under Lockdown After Night Of Looting & Unrest. Men with chainsaws attack site of anti-lockdown party at Toronto’s Cherry Beach I'm rallying Public Advocate's nationwide grassroots army to protect our children from the radical Homosexual Lobby's dangerous and immoral "Drag Queen Story Hours'" grooming sessions. That's why I need you to sign your petition to demand the Senate to... Continue Reading →

Why Are They Hiding The Truth? Bill Gates Is More Dangerous Than Coronavirus Itself. Roll-Up Your Sleeve or Go to Jail. “It’s All A SMOKESCREEN”. Wake Up People! “You are being misled”. “This is the SCAM of the century”. They call it THE GREAT RESET “Planned to the smallest detail”. “What They Don’t Want You To Know”. The Fact-Free Lockdown Hysteria – Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Videos: Body Language: Trump “Last time you see me for a while”. ObamaGate – (Official Trump Campaign ad). Police Find Homeless Meth Lab In Hotel Rented By California Lockdown Shelter Program. Nearly 18K Calif. inmates could be released early. Ted Cruz Forces Dems to Watch Real Footage of the “Peaceful Protesters”. CHAOS in PORTLAND Turns into CIVIL WAR as LEFTISTS Begin DESTROYING Themselves!!! House Ethics Committee “Finally” Rules Tlaib Violated Campaign Finance Law. Massive Pro-Police and #WalkAway Rallies SURGE Across the Nation as Conservative America RISES UP!!!

Videos: Germany – AfD Smeared By Media. UK to crack down on migrant crossings. Victoria mental health system ‘not fit for purpose’ heading into pandemic. Beirut Protest – Lebanese protesters storm ministry buildings, TV shows, violence erupts, highlights. Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines? Trudeau ordered a Chinese syringe for every person in Canada. Complexity is the refuge of the scoundrel. Whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan Exposes the Chinese Communist Party’s COVID 19 Coverup…

Videos: PORTLAND PROTESTERS ARE SUPPORTED BY THE N.E.A. TEACHER’S UNION & NAMBLA PEDOPHILES!!! “People Don’t Realize What Happens”. Hollywood protestors speak out on child trafficking – Save The Children Protests nationwide! Gender-Fluid Drag Queen Story Hour for 3-Year-Olds? Join the Protest.

Videos: Atom Bomb like shockwave Blast in Beirut, All footage compilation. Iran’s regime discredits MEK & NCRI as they are fully capable of organizing a democratic transition. Former Spanish King Juan Carlos ‘leaves Spain’ amid corruption investigations. Trudeau’s $8 million luxury cottage upgrades (at your expense). CCP’s Legitimacy Under Question by Century-Old Debt – US-China. Unusual lightning bolt strikes China’s high-rise. Sen Hawley raises concerns about Microsoft buying TikTok Massive Blast in Beirut, Lebanon Destroys Entire Community: Al-Arabiya news network reports that the Beirut blast was in an ammunition warehouse belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization. The details that caused the blast are still unknown. Read More See Video: Continue Reading →

Videos: Minneapolis WOKE Police Tell Citizens to OBEY CRIMINALS!!! Teachers Scare Kids & Hold Public Hostage Over Commie Demands. BLM Radicals CHASED OUT of Neighborhoods by ARMED CITIZENS.. WE CAN PRAY IN SCHOOLS AGAIN! Trump targets ads from ‘Big Pharma’ following executive order to lower drug prices. IT BEGINS: The Left’s Plan to ARREST Trump Is Underway with Federal Court Filing. Tucker on Biden: His poll numbers rely on voters not hearing him speak. 4 Shocking Statistics about the COVID-19 Lockdowns. Hollywood protestors stormed CNN with Pizzagate & QAnon signs – Save The Children! David Daleiden Sues Kamala Harris & Planned Parenthood President Trump Names Pro-Life Leaders to Panel Investigating Aborted Baby Part Sales: Scientists and bioethics experts who believe babies in the womb deserve basic human rights are leading a new advisory board investigating the... Continue Reading →

Videos: The EUROPEAN UNION Continues to CRUMBLE as ITALEXIT Officially BEGINS!!! London Protest – For Britain is the answer. Millions Protest In Germany Against Restrictions. CHINA WILL PAY: Trump SURPRISE Press Conference from the White House. Communist China Waging ‘Undeclared War’ on US. Chinese student sues Fordham University. China Floods Villagers’ Homes to Save Cities. Chinese People React to Closure of US Consulate. Economic ‘Takedown’ of China’s Communist Party

Videos: WOW!!!! This Woman Issues A Warning!! She Wants All Americans To Hear This. The 100 Day Siege Begins! Navy Seal – The Radical Left Democrat Factor In Bringing Down America. Tucker: America is witnessing a brazen power grab. The “Great Escape” Begins: Portland & Seattle Start To Feel The Mass Departure Of Fed-up Residents. Mark Zuckerberg Can’t Name One Conservative Group Consulted for Facebook Policy-Making. Rabbi Suggests Third Temple as Cure for Covid-19: Facebook Blocks him. Covington Nick Sandman Forces Washington Post to it’s Knees. Ellen DeGeneres’ Workplace Under Investigation. THERE ARE NO REAL WOMEN IN POSITIONS OF POWER! Rabbi Suggests Third Temple as Cure for Covid-19: Facebook Blocks him- Read More:

Videos: New Content Of Bill Gate Vaccine Exposed. EXPOSED!! Agenda 21 is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of The World Population By 2030. Dr. Simone Gold on Tucker Carlson 7-30-2020. Asymptomatic Spread Is A Lie. Fauci Has Spoken. MODERNA Chief Medical Officer and CEO Liquidate Their Shares. FDA Grants Big Pharma 100% Immunity. What Teachers Don’t Want You to Know About Schools Reopening. Reports Of Teachers Unions Not Only Refusing To Return To Class But Also Online Instruction As Well Maxwell/Epstein Data Dump Proves Obama/Clinton/Mueller Crime Syndicate Running Blackmail Ring - FULL SHOW 7/31/20 - See Video:

Videos: 2 Videos REMOVED by Big Tech: Frontline Doctors Revealing The Truth about Hydroxychloroquine and Covid Hoax – Below is their Third video. American Federation of Teachers Union President Subpoenaed – #ProjectVeritas. FORMER DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN CHARGED FOR STUFFING BALLOTS, BRIBERY. BOOM: They’re Modifying Our DNA. JULY 2020 REPORT BY DEBORAH TAVARES. Understanding the Political Scenario – Yuri Bezmenov. Armed MILITIAS are RISING UP as Leftist RIOTERS Begin DESTROYING THEMSELVES!!! Demonstrators gather in Baltimore for #WalkAway Rescue America Rally. Dave Portnoy Pulled Off One Of The Best Interviews with Trump To Date

Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Videos included Emunah: Coping with COVID-19: A Stronger Strategy: See Video: The Butterfly: See Video: Unexpected Rains: See Video: Moshiach and COVID 19: See Video:  

Videos: Communist Takeover Of America Playbook. HOW IS THIS STILL SECRET?! Military Insider Interview.. U.S. Should Sanction All Members of China’s Communist Party. Wave of Leftist Censorship Across Social Media Will Only INCREASE Right-Wing Populism!!! Armed MILITIA GROUPS are SURGING Across the Nation and COPS are JOINING THEM!!! 500 people rally in front of Clark County Sheriff’s office.. Gun Sales SURGE as Massive Forces are RISING UP Against ANTIFA and FAR LEFT!!! Tucker: Ordinary citizens stand up as politicians cower to the rage mob, St. Louis man who went viral defending his property speaks out. Tucker Carlson CRUSHES CNN with HIGHEST RATED Program in Cable News HISTORY!!!

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