Videos: Explosive Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits (Part 1 & 2). Tucker: Now we see that COVID lockdowns aren’t the only solution. MASKS OF DECEIT. USAID’s Bonnie Glick: Trump’s Ultimatum to the WHO for COVID 19 Failures. How Hydroxychloroquine Works: A Scientist Explains. Deep state, Agenda 21, Bill Gates, Chamber of Deputies, Italy. George Soros PANICS! Predicts Pandemic Will DESTROY the EU!!! Leftist Media COLLAPSING as Coronavirus DESTROYING Globalist News Outlets!!! ‘Operation Haircut’ at Michigan Capitol. Free the north: Toronto’s biggest anti-lockdown protest yet. We’re suing Trudeau for banning conservative reporters. Our lawyer explains what’s next.The Fight For Freedom Has Begun – Canada Awakens  

Videos: ‘They’re drunk on power’: Crenshaw blasts coronavirus restrictions. Cop opens up. GOOD BYE RIGHTS-THE CORONA COPS AND MEDICAL BROWN SHIRTS HAVE ARRIVED. Edmonton police DETAIN three men at anti-lockdown protes…! “We won’t comply!” Canadians protest “TYRANT” Trudeau’s gun grab. We are peacefully asking the Battle Ground Police to immediately stop threatening citizens. How China’s Communist Party Exploits American Pension Funds & Coronavirus Outbreak. Reshoring Supply Chains from China & Protecting Companies Struggling Under COVID 19. Former Chief Scientist reveals coronavirus “is going on all around us”. Politicians Lied About the Lockdowns. Lock-Down in Effect Until Mid-August. Unemployed? Need a Job?

Videos: YouTube CENSORED: DOCTORS IN BLACK / PlanDemic. See The Video Nazitube Banned Of California Doctors’ Exposing COVID-19 Hoax. COVID – Transition into a Reality of “Daily” Terror – WORLDWIDE. Virus Lies = New Human Trafficking & Theft Of YOU, CA Implementing Lawful Removal of People. They’re hoping you forgot. Future “predicted” (2003). Stormtrooper arrest: Armed cops pin cosplayer to ground on Star Wars Day. White House Petition: Investigation Bill & Melinda Gates Surpasses Half a Mill Signatures. Tucker Carlson reveals Who REALLY Doesn’t Want to See America Reopen, Totalitarianism doesn’t shock us any more. Californians Take Catering Their Homeless Population To a Whole New Utopian Level. Millionaire Nancy Pelosi Strikes AGAIN! Look Which Luxury Item She’s Debuting Now! #ExposeCBS UPDATE: #Veritas… AMERICANS STORM THE BEACHES IN MASS!

See Video: See The Video Youtube Banned Of California Doctors’ Exposing COVID-19 Hoax: See Video: Who's the man and who's the woman? Just sayin...

Videos: #ExposeCBS Michigan Health Center Workers Stage “Fake Patients” In COVID19 Testing Line For CBS News, Funeral Directors in COVID-19 Epicenter Doubt Legitimacy of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic – #ProjectVeritas. The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual. “Technological Resurrection” and the Future of Being. Espionage Unmasked – Reality Hackers Revealed! Tucker: Some lockdown lawmakers want to stamp out dissent. The “Listen To The Science” Chant From The Left Is Getting Really Old. CHINESE TAKE OUT: THE MASS EXODUS OF COMPANIES LEAVING THE COUNTRY HAS FINALLY BEGUN. China, US campuses and billions in hidden money – The Mauro Report. Ted Cruz introduces bill targeting Hollywood, China. Bundy goes to house of police officer who arrested lady for taking her child to a park to play. Dr. Truth.

Videos: BUSTED! CBS CAUGHT Using FALSE Footage to Push Crisis Narrative to SCARE You! HUNDREDS of Journalists FIRED as Liberal Media IMPLODES During Coronavirus!!! Democrats PANIC as Trump Polls 10 POINTS HIGHER than Election Day 2016!!! Nancy Pelosi is IMPLODING!!! Chicago Crime Plummets With Stay-At-Home Order.. Hillary Clinton Makes WuFlu Joke While Americans Lose Jobs & Savings. Exclusive Look Inside New York and New Jersey Hospitals Battling Coronavirus #ProjectVeritas. China’s NUMBERS cannot be TRUSTED. Urns in Wuhan far exceed official CCP virus death toll. Producer Del Bigtree Blows Open Big Pharmas Role In Coronavirus Cover-up! “A Regime Ender”: Coronavirus Impact on China. Major Tech Companies Kowtow to China’s Communist Party.. Prime Minister Modi Calls for a New Post-Globalist World Order!!!

Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Snapshot of coexistence during corona crisis goes ‘viral’. Peru Rescue; Israel will never give up on its people. Now is the time to strengthen the three pillars the world is standing upon.‘Coronavirus is Pandemic Revealed in Zohar Right Before Messiah’s Arrival’ explains Rabbi. ‘Coronavirus Here to Offset Satan’s Complaints Against Mankind’ says Prominent Rabbi. WATCH: Hamas catches corona, fear of disease strikes terror leaders.

Photo of Israeli ambulance crew fulfilling their prayer obligations during a break in a hectic shift gives moment of hope during coronavirus crisis. Israel’s Magen David Adom (MDA) national ambulance service is a microcosm of the society, staffed by employees and volunteers who are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Druze, paid employees and volunteers. Read More: Continue Reading →

Videos: Powerful Video About Why You Mustn’t Fear our New Reality. TIME OF TROUBLE -CORONA – 5780 IN BIBLE CODE – GLAZERSON. Yehudah Glick: Prayer on the Temple Mount. Passover Series Talk # 1 – The 10 Plagues and the Coronavirus Codvid 19. Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times. The Incredible Power of You. As Coronavirus Causes Muslims to Abandon Temple Mount, Jews Reign Supreme. Rabbi Warns Vatican: Return Temple Vessels or Corona-Virus in Rome Worsens. Postpone Passover this Year? High Court Considers Unprecedented Corona Request. Coronavirus Kills Hezbollah Frontman. Former Palestinian Arab Terrorist: “Occupation” is Largest Industry of Lies in Entire World

Rabbi Manis Friedman explains why there is a silver lining in the era of coronavirus. As Coronavirus Causes Muslims to Abandon Temple Mount, Jews Reign Supreme: Then Shlomo began to build the House of Hashem in Yerushalayim on Mount Moriah,... Continue Reading →

TOP ISRAELI RABBI: “I AM IN CONTACT WITH THE MESSIAH”. CoronaVirus Prophesized in Book of Ezekiel, Mystic Rabbi Shows. Erdogan Gives “Final Warning” Before Launching Gog-Magog War Against “Edom” Russia. Deadly Wave of Earthquakes Hits Enemies of Israel: Iran and Turkey

Kineret = Sea Of Galilee Israel’s Top Rabbi: “I’m Currently in Discussions With the Messiah Himself”: After that, I will pour out My spirit on all flesh; Your sons and daughters shall prophesy; Your old men shall dream dreams, And your young men shall see visions.” Joel 3:1 (The Israel Bible™) A Haredi rabbi,... Continue Reading →

Videos: Trump MASSIVE Rally in Colorado Springs Colorado 2/20/20. Bad Night for Bloomberg, and Democrats – Great night for President Trump. Bloomberg Tries to BUY Hillary Clinton while Moody’s Forecast Predicts Trump LANDSLIDE!!! Remember When Democrats Cared About Illegal Immigration and Border Security? Brawl Breaks Out at Bernie Sanders Rally in Colorado Over T-shirt. Joe Biden will NEVER BE President of The United States & more. Tom Steyer Owned: Says Economy Only Helping Rich..

Videos: President Donald Trump Keep America Great Rally LIVE in Phoenix, AZ 2/19/20. Brandon Tatum – Shall Not Be Infringed at AZ 2A Rally. CALIFORNIA THANKS TRUMP! Patriots at Walk Of Life, San Francisco show love for President Trump! Deep State PANIC! Trump Ready To DESTROY the SWAMP!!! The Deep State Is Totally Flanked! “Complete Disaster” Fears Grow Over Potential Nevada Caucus Malfunction. Meet The NEW Thorn in Pelosi’s side: DeAnna Lorraine. Brigitte Gabriel: The Squad’s New Bill Would DESTROY America!

Videos: Shades of a Segregated Past on Today’s College Campuses. The Annual Woke Awards. NIKE SUPPORTS TRANS WOMEN OVER REAL WOMEN. MASSIVE BACKLASH Against Scandinavian Airlines’ PRO-GLOBALIST Commercial!!! Are You Smarter Than A Protester? Antifa and Extinction Rebellion Violently Clash With Police in London. Sen. Cruz Denounces Radical Left’s Pro-Abortion Statements, Defends the Right to Life for the Unborn. Antifa Protest LGBT Conservatives in San Francisco. Fighting Homelessness: HUD Program Helps Foster Youth With Housing Like Family Would—Sec. Ben Carson.Trump CRACKING DOWN on Sanctuary Cities; Deploys Tactical Agents to Make ARRESTS!!! REVIVAL! The Great Awakening & The Restoration of the Rule Of Law!

Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) Videos included As dictated throughout history, Evil Inevitably fails. If one lacks faith one will believe Satan rules the world as they want you to believe but with faith in The Almighty Ruler of the world there is peace of mind and confirmation that there is a purpose to everything.... Continue Reading →

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