Videos: Nationwide Mass Protests Against French President Macron Result In Injuries And 1 Death. Nigel Farage On No Confidence Letters And Blame Put On ‘EU Obsession Of The Fanatical Right’, ‘The Police Aren’t Helping Us Anymore’!! TOMMY ROBINSON: THE RAPE OF BRITAIN  

Videos: Russia deploys advanced Su-57 fighter-jets in Syria – TV7 Israel News 20.11.18. The child abuse taking place all across America. In Gaza children are taught to kill The child abuse taking place all across America: Child abuse is horrible – in all forms.  However, there are many children today who are switching sides – to the dark side.  Much of the Western world is now in a battle with Radical Islam.  It is a battle against violence.  A battle for freedom.... Continue Reading →

Videos: Palestinian Islamists launch more than 400 rockets toward Israel, Hamas vows to target Tel Aviv in next round of fighting, IDF officer killed in operation – TV7 Israel News. Armed Jews of Hebron push back against Jihad. Prime Minister Netanyahu Tells The Watchman: Iran Threatens America and the World. Extremists Storm Jewish Kristallnacht Vigil In London – They’ve Taken Over Completely

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