Videos: Israel destroys Iranian weapons cache in Syria airport – TV7 Israel News. NETANYAHU BLAMES THE LFTISTS AGAINST HIM, ASTEROID – FEBRUARY FIRST 11.47 AM, MESSIAH WILL COME BEFORE THE ELECTIONS – IN BIBLE CODE – GLAZERSON. The Re-establishment of Israel: A Modern Miracle.

Videos: Leftists Assembling in Washington for Women’s March. The Women’s March Has An Anti-Semite Problem!! DECEPTION – Women’s March Leaders Exposed!! Pro-life Activists Attended The Women’s March and Leftists Went Nuclear. ‘March for Life’ Exposes Sickening Media Bias. Gillette – Toxic Femininity!! What is a man? A response to Gillette!!! Sarsour, Perez, Mallory and Bland claim to be progressive... BUT their adoration of notorious anti-Semite, and misogynist, Louis Farrakhan, tells a very different story. Follow us on Twitter: Sign up for the Canary Mission newsletter: I guess We're All toxic!! That's why they slapped us with... Continue Reading →

VIDEOS: A CALL TO ACTION – WRITE YOUR STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL AND DEMAND/BEG FOR A GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION INTO THE CATHOLIC CHURCHS PEDOPHILIA EPIDEMIC TODAY! Public School Officials Empowered to Inspect All Private Schools in New York!!! Prepare For MASS EXODUS of New York! It Has Already Begun. Gillette Pushes TOXIC MASCULINITY Video, but PATRIARCHY Is Making a COMEBACK!!! 493.389 likes 930.927 dislikes  so far Lol 🙂

Videos: Goldman Sachs CEO says ‘Sorry’ for Stolen $4 Billion in Corruption Case. Military Tribunals Happening Right Now In Gitmo [End Game]. $50M Mueller Report Is Classified – Dems Plot To Smear Trump. Trump has Lured The Deep State Into A Trap [SES WON’T EXIST] RIF. Everyone Just Got Trumped!! Pelosi Cancels State of the Union Address. Despite Shutdown Trump Makes The Move That Will Solidify His Place in World History

Videos: CNN Host Cries SEXISM over Trump’s “Salad” JOKE to Clemson Players. Media’s MASSIVE Disinfo Campaign Against Triple Amputee GoFundMe Wall Effort – EXPOSED! Trump Asks: Why Is Nancy STILL GETTING PAID? Pelosi Tries To Cover Up BIG BLUNDER

Videos: The Truth about Jihad -Robert Spencer & David Wood. Silent Exodus. What is a Jew? – Religion? Nation? Race? Culture? “For a Jew to be a realist, you have to believe in miracles”! Why Israel Built The Wall Upon Israel's revival there were Over 800.000 Jews living in Arab lands who were attacked, tortured, killed and Stripped of All their belongings, assets and businesses And expelled!

Videos: Corrupt Atlanta Democrat Collapses in Court as She’s Sentenced to 2 Years Behind Bars. Broward Co. Fl. Sheriff Removed From Office Had Muslim-CAIR Connection!! Liberals Who Helped Their New Muslim Neighbors Move In Immediately Regret It! Nancy Pelosi’s Wall Jumped by Alleged Illegal Aliens Led by Right Wing Activist. BRUTAL! Two Biggest Myths & Five Cold Hard Facts About The Border Wall. Actor Robert Davi RIPS Chuck Schumer – Hollywood Conservatives Are Coming Out Now!!

Rabbinic Expert: First Super Blood Moon of the Year Sign of Earthquakes, Governments Will Fall! This astronomical phenomenon is described by the Prophet Joel as preceding the final days of judgment. Scientific Proof For King Uzziah’s Earthquake. Plague of Blood Red Rivers Suddenly Appears in Multiple Locations. SOMETHING STRΑNGE IS HAPPENING IN ΜECCΑ! STRΑNGE WEΑTHΕR & FOOΤΑGE REVEALED/ Locusts & Hail!! BLIZZARD – Another “Ice Age” scene this time in the USA – Gridlock and Snow Bound! “CRASH” In Russia CRACKS Mountain In Half..

“The stars and constellations of heaven Shall not give off their light; The sun shall be dark when it rises, And the moon shall diffuse no glow.” Isaiah 13:10 (The Israel Bible™) On the night of January 20, a super blood moon will pass over Washington D.C. Sunset that evening will also mark the beginning of... Continue Reading →

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