Videos: YUGE! TRUMP Finds $14B For His BORDER WALL Leaves Democrats CHOCKING On DUST!! TRUMP JUST DROPPED The REAL HAMMER On Pelosi. Trump Women Storm Nancy Pelosi’s Office. Proof FBI was Protecting Clinton Prior to 2016 Election New Emails Show

Videos: Native American Man with 6 or 7 Kids Panhandles on the Street. Man Confronts Child Predator! Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings. Man Tried to Rob the Restaurant but Employees Ain’t Having it! Terrifying Armed Robbery Caught on Camera! Man Opens Fire on COPS! Graphic language

Videos: President Trump EXPLOSIVE Press Conference at Meeting with Colombian President Marquez. President Trump EXPOSES Democrat Lies on Border Security at meeting with Local Sheriffs. National Emergencies in Effect. Texas Troopers Form Wall of Vehicles to Stop Caravan. Trump Wins Stunning Victory on Wall!! Hannity: Hating Trump is more important to Dems than safety of Americans. Trump FIRES On Terrorist Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Bill Clinton Cancels Trip to Nigeria After Being Called Out for Election Meddling. 7,000 CEO RESIGNATIONS & GROWING !!

Apple Gave Mueller Access to Roger Stone’s iCloud, After Protecting Privacy of San Bernardino. Twitter Declares War on Ex-Muslims. Ocasio-Cortez CAUGHT IN MAJOR LIE! Top Adviser SQUIRMS When Confronted on LIVE TV! Pulse – Why Cortez’s Green New Deal is Disastrous. The GREEN NEW DEAL: Why the Democrats are Committing Suicide!!! NBC Reporter Caught Making False Claims About The 2020 Election. Pelosi CAUGHT on Camera With SICK Reaction To Trump’s Call To Ban “Late-Term Abortion”. Fake News stuck on stupid. Jimmy Kimmel’s Got A Wall He Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Videos: Crooked Justin Trudeau Busted in Bribery Scheme Cover Up. Meddling in the justice system could be Trudeau’s end. Corrupt Quebec company lobbies Liberals to avoid prosecution – Ezra Levant. Hey Justin Trudeau! Yer tacky head is going to jail boy!!

Videos: The Deep State Derelicts & The Cult of the Doomsday Clock – Our Fear Is Their Power. Why is No One Reporting This? BUSTED! LOOK What Evil Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar Just REFUSED to do. SCANDALOUS! Shiesty Adam Schiff and The Mystery of The Shady Aspen Soiree. Ecclesiastes 10:2 – The Heart of the Wise Inclines To The Right – The Heart of a Fool To The Left

Videos: Here’s what the GIANT God Emperor Trump REALLY Means!!! **LIVE: President Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally from El Paso Texas.** Trump Poised to WIN Big in 2020!!! State of the Union Address 2019: A National MAGA Rally!!! BRILLIANT!! President Donald J Trump: Big Boss Don – The Builder Of Walls. Journalists Rage Against Trump For Rejecting Socialism. Trump speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast What a difference from Jihadi Obama's prayer breakfast speech when he told Christians to get off their high horse...!!!

Horrific Murder of 19-Year Old Girl Leads to Calls for Death Penalty. Video: Song of Redemption Sung at Funeral as IDF Special Forces Arrest Terrorist Suspected of Brutal Murder of 19-Year-Old Woman. Declassified Report on UNRWA Accuses State Department of Misleading Congress on Palestinian Textbooks. An End-of-Days Guide to the Palestinians and Gaza

“The fact that the sentence imposed for evil deeds is not executed swiftly, which is why men are emboldened to do evil.” Ecclesiastes 8:11 (The Israel Bible™)  All of Israel is still in shock from the news of the murder of 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher.  Reported missing on Thursday, her body was found Thursday evening in the Ein Yael... Continue Reading →

Videos: Body Language: State Of The Union SOTU 2019. Nancy Pelosi “Claps” in Trump’s FACE – Here’s What REALLY Happened. B.OOM: White House Petition To Impeach Nancy Pelosi Goes MEGA VIRAL!! Democrats Introduce Bill to Prevent Trump from Using Military to Build Wall. Matt Gaetz has Introduced Bill to Punish Clinton & Comey for “Lying to Congress”. Robert Swann Mueller III and J.F.K.

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