Folks, The Illuminaty Tranny Agenda has been going on for centuries (Egyptian carvings have women and men with same wide shoulders…). EVERYONE who is and has been a public figure HAS to be part of the Freemason Illuminati tranny cult.

Public figures today such as Pink-man, Angelina-man…openly state how their so called children requested to be the opposite sex as young as 4 years old As if they know what they want at such a young age. The Truth is that they ALL are forced from birth sodomized between the ages of 2 to 4 years old to be BOTH sexes and Not transgendered in order to represent their baphomet goat dual sexuality idol. They had to have done it this way manipulated them into thinking they are the illuminated ones their own gods Otherwise Who in their right mind would want to be 2 sexes?!! If this cult thought this was something great Why then did they manipulate and lie to us about who these public figures really are? Why not come out with the truth about these actors posing as actors?! Meanwhile these fraud artists are rich because of the people-so they lie, manipulate, program us and mock us while we keep pouring out billions over to them??!!! Too bad the murderous governments succeeded in dumbing down entire populations to the point that even when they flaunt the truth in people’s faces, people will not believe the truth.

At 4:53 of the video you will see Mr. Pink in a bikini-ANYONE with an Adonis belt IS A MAN-see how they flaunt it and mock us??!!!

The last Divine warning to all that is evil especially the heads of the US was manifested lately with the solar eclipse and Texas floods and if the people don’t repent there is great tragedy on its way. When G-D took us out of Egypt It was to remind the world that He is against All forms of slavery for all time. So this new world order giant dictatorship will NOT work!!


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