Video: E-Z – My town Jerusalem. For Tzion’s sake will I not hold My peace, and for Yerushalayim’s sake I will not rest, until her triumph go forth as brightness, and her salvation as a torch that burneth Isaiah 62:1

All throughout history it’s been one persecution after another when it comes to the Jewish nation. We Never played the victim or the never ending refugee. Instead we always picked ourselves up and started all over with Nothing. The world wealth consists of Billions upon billions of Stolen Jewish money and yet we never demanded this back, we Never seek revenge or retribution. We were mistreated in most countries but when we went Back to our God’s promised land Israel, the same land that the despicable UN claims to have given us, well the world has a problem with that. We are the Most ancient people on earth with Endless contributions More so than any other nation. Israel will Never be destroyed and Jerusalem will Never be divided Because there is a God! And to the so called Christians; How can you call yourself a Christian quoting bible verses while bashing your Jewish brethren? Do you think that Your bible came from thin air? How can you Not know that the Torah is the Original Bible from God? How can you not know that Jesus was a Jew? How can you possibly separate Judaism and Christianity? You deny Judaism means you deny Your right at the Temple mount and ALL of Israel. And how about Israel being the ONLY country in the middle east who Protects Christians while Christians are being Slaughtered all through the Arab lands? While Christianity is being attacked and erased throughout the world to make room for the new world order, which country in the world will continue to protect the Christians? I’ll give you a hint, ISRAEL!! This world is a corridor to the next world. Your ONLY mission is to do good deeds That is your ONLY investment for the next world. That is the ONLY thing you will carry to the next world. That is your Only footprint so don’t waste your life bashing people Use your precious life Lifting people.

Christians and Jews share many similar values – not with theology but with the speaking of the same Biblical language.” Read more at

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