The False allegations against Bibi Netanyahu…

There are Sick False rumors about Netanyahu going on. The disgusting left within the Knesset and Co.. decided that Netanyahu needs to go Because He deeply cares about the wellbeing and the protection of Israel. They are doing to him what the Democraps are doing to Trump. Sound familiar?! Why now? Well because now the enemies surrounding Israel are getting bolder and more dangerous and they want Israel to be vulnerable and accept its destruction. One would think that this is the time to get together and stronger against these threats but their actions prove their sick motives. You can view this Fake news Everywhere across the globe of course but when people in Israel die from Arab terrorist attacks NOTHING on TV! And look who’s talking, the corrupters of the world who are Purposely Killing their own people pointing the finger at an amazing leader as always!

The left Should remember that the last elections Netanyahu went against ALL odds against All the Obama & Soros dirty money and false allegations… God decides who will rule over Israel and NOT these scumbags. I say FIRE All who are against Israel within the Knesset!!



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