The End Of Westernism…

I was just talking to a friend of mine residing in a small village in Spain. Briefly she mentioned how Entire Spanish villages have been taken over by the “migrants” and they have been offered All jobs leaving NO jobs for the Spanish citizens Leading them to poverty and starvation. I tried obtaining more information online. But Of course there is nothing credible online describing the way of life 2018 in Spain or Europe for that matter. The world is already censored They are working real hard NOT share anything! Katie Hopkins was arrested in South Africa for reporting the White Genocide being Perpetrated by the Black criminals of course they shut her down right away. Google+ has removed the translate option so that less of us can communicate with each other about what our murderous governments are doing to us. Racism, discrimination and favoritism is what our governments operate by when they invite fresh arrivals from 3rd world countries offer them the world at OUR expense and replace us with them! It Is Sickening and wrong This open border policy is being forced upon us without our consent. What’s the point of even being a resident anymore.


Nice chemtrails!!!



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