The War On The 2nd Amendment

An American friend of mine recently shed some light on the 2nd amendment that occurred during the 70’s and 80’s Not so long ago:

When I was in High School, everybody had guns. I had a .30.30 Loaded winchester in my locker from 9-12th grade daily as the school suggested we bring them in and not display them in the truck gun racks to prevent theft! Also had a .22 jennings pistol I carried in my pocket. Nobody ever shot up my school, they would have been cut to pieces by the return fire. That is what makes it so sad. High schools back when I went had no gun free zone crap laws. My principal was always happy to see our long guns. The only restriction was he asked them to be placed in our lockers during school hours and it was ok to take them out at lunch so we could check out each other’s long guns. My winchester serial number was in 500,000. Teddy Roosevelt was given the millionth one of that model. And nobody ever went crazy and shot up the school! If any dared they would have been cut to pieces in return fire. of course we had our differences in school and went to fists and not a gun because we knew that shooting somebody was against the law with few exceptions already. This was from 79 to 82! then Clinton the rapist banned guns from schools.

There you have it folks Straight from the horse’s mouth! We don’t have it within us to do what the deep state is doing and has done throughout American history!

You can tell that the Deep State CIA has a genocidal agenda:

.Shootings Always occur in gun free zones

. There is Always a drill before

. Multiple shooters according to the WITNESSES

. ONLY talking point right after is Banning guns or abolishing the 2nd amendment instead of arming the teachers and staff members within ALL schools!

. No matter how many witnesses or shooters there are the Medias stick to Only ONE story and never speak about it again! It is SO predictable it’s not even funny!



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