SATANIC Backmasking In The MUSIC Industry! (2018)

They pray and worship the devil to obtain what they need in order to perform and then be rewarded with the golden idol! They had manipulated us to the core. They invented the TV to SHAPE and Transform the prim & proper conservative Judeo-Christian Masses and sadly they succeeded. As a kid I watched many Blk & Wht movies and I remember seeing these little kids being smart mouthed and disrespectful towards the elder and somehow that was cute and funny… even as a kid I knew it was to stir the population towards rebellious behavior I knew this was not the way of the Bible. Stoffers frozen dinners came around the same time as the TV so you had a double whammy NO more family time during supper, NO supper without sitting in front of the TV Programming! It’s been downhill ever since. It’s not too late however to brake free from the TV and Illuminati music.

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