An Open Letter To Justin Trudeau…

Mr. Trudeau before anything, Get that arrogant smug off your face. STOP hiding the fact that You are a globalist puppet with One agenda The destruction of Canada agenda. We all know you were Selected for this mission and you are doing a fine job at that. I will not refer to you as the honorable prime minister because sadly there is no honor within you when your primary goal is to destroy, discriminate, strangle the population financially and morally. You have NEVER once answered a single question whether in parliament or in public. You Just Always pass the buck onto others Always playing the victim NEVER Once accepting responsibility NEVER Once admitting your wrongdoings It’s really pathetic and frankly embarrassing for what used to be a great country until You came along and destroyed it! Canada is Awake and is aware of your corruption and just like Every dictator throughout history who fell You too will fall and that will be a great day for Canadians!


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