Video: Trump Won’t Win – The Night that Trump Changed the World!!

What a Bunch of Ungrateful Stupid Fools!!! Where was the outrage when Obama was destroying America? When the Bushes were promoting the new world order? When the Clintons were killing Everyone in their way? When Soros created BLM and Antifa… paying thugs over $1000 a day (Via Craigslit) to beat people up, protest, destroy property, stop traffic and Shut down anyone who dares to use their First amendment? When the establishment signed Agenda 21 in blood ? When the CIA and FBI perpetrated EVERY single mass shooting Killing hundreds of innocent Americans for the Purpose of Destroying the 2nd amendment? When the democrats showed the world their true colors during the SOTU speech? When Hollywood, daytime and late night “entertainers”push their anti American Agenda? When so called schools Fire teachers who volunteer to carry guns to protect students?

If it wasn’t for Donald Trump winning the Presidency You would ALL be dead by now! Crooked Hillary would have incinerated you all!!! The crooked Hillary campaign rigged the system, paid millions for the Fake FISA document, killed Seth Rich, did absolutely Everything to win in the Most corrupt and diabolical way and Lost and why? Because there is a GOD and that is the RED FLAG for people to wake the Hell up!

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