Scotland’s Count Dankula and his Gassing the Jews Video!


My comments on Twitter:  Sir I don’t know your motives but to keep joking about Jews and gas Even with your dog is not funny to me or my Jewish brothers and sisters. I am definitely for free speech but if you lost family in the Holocaust even these jokes would Not be funny to you!

I understand free speech is free speech  but What is So funny about gassing the Jews where Over 3 million people watched??!!

This Anti-Semitic Scumbag Dieudonne used to have Sold Out concerts in France solely based on Jews and gas chambers etc… And again the crowd chanted and protested “Free Speech”!! Hilter started with a few spectators into Millions who eventually Slaughtered Millions upon millions of innocent people. It always starts with “Tolerance”!


2 thoughts on “Scotland’s Count Dankula and his Gassing the Jews Video!

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  1. I lost family because of cancer. Can we allow jokes on cancer??
    And millions of people died of cancer..
    surely anyone making a joke on cancer should go to jail.. no?
    What about jokes on black people? Can it be allowed? I recall major killings and torture of black people ?
    Are there races or conditions, historic situations more noble than others that forbids total freedom of speech due to “context”?

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