They’re indoctrinating your children with liberal dogma. F is for Feminist…T is for Trans… X is for Malcolm X…

  When you and I were in school, we learned that A is for Apple… …but now in grade schools all over the country, children as young as 6 years old are learning that A is for Activist. Make no mistake — schools aren’t innocently trying to teach young children about civic engagement. They’re indoctrinating your children with liberal dogma. And if you thought A for Activist was bad, wait until you hear some of the other letters in the Left’s new alphabet…

F is for Feminist… T is for Trans… X is for Malcolm X…

If you’re as disturbed by this as I am, there’s something you can do. If you think that teachers should actually teach students how to read, write and do math instead of brainwashing them with propaganda, sign this No More Indoctrination petition urging local officials to support our K-12 Code of Ethics. the K-12 Code of Ethics is a 9 point plan for state legislators to set up an independent board of accountability for K-12 teachers. Because they’re not just going after college students anymore — they’re going after kids still losing their baby teeth and putting them under their pillow. You see, the future of our great country depends on folks like you and me coming together and demanding better from our schools. Because they’re corrupting young minds with anti-American ideals — and I won’t stand for it. I hope you won’t either. So please follow this link to sign the No More Indoctrination petition, and demand your local officials hold K-12 teachers accountable with our K-12 Code of Ethics.  If I wanted to, I could write my own alphabet too.

“A is for America… B is for blessings… C is for capitalism…”

But no school would accept that curriculum. And if our political opinions aren’t fit for the classroom, I don’t see why a radical socialist’s are. So if you agree that public school teachers need to keep their political agendas out of the classroom, please sign the No More Indoctrination petition. Thank you for your continued support. Sincerely, David Horowitz P.S. We’re already making progress in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nebraska and Virginia — and we’re counting on you to bring our K-12 Code of Ethics across the country. So don’t forget to sign our No More Indoctrination petition. This issue is too critical to ignore, and America’s youth is counting on you.


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