Justice minister: Twitter must be reined in, Facebook gets it

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked blasts Twitter’s refusal to cooperate against the platform’s use for incitement; says Facebook is on the right track. Addressing the Global Forum for Fighting Anti-Semitism on Tuesday in Jerusalem, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked launched into a blistering account of the current dangers of online incitement on social media and argued for government action.The cyber department at the State Attorney’s Office has recently analyzed the connection between incitement and terrorism during 2017, she said. “There is a close connection between the two. It is clear that the perpetrators of terror attacks in Israel are directly impacted by the consumption of incitement. We documented that after large-scale terrorist attacks, the social media are flooded with incitement, hate, anti-Semitic and terror-supporting content.”

Read More: https://worldisraelnews.com/justice-minister-twitter-must-be-reined-in-facebook-gets-it/?utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Iron+Dome+Activated+by+Gaza+Gunfire%3B+PA+Says+US+Ambassador+Belongs+on+Global+Terror+List%3B+UN+Calls+for+Israel+Arms+Embargo&utm_campaign=20180325_m144679127_Iron+Dome+Activated+by+Gaza+Gunfire%3B+PA+Says+US+Ambassador+Belongs+on+Global+Terror+List%3B+UN+Calls+for+Israel+Arms+Embargo&utm_term=_0D_0A_09_09_09_09_09_09_09_09_09_09Read+Now_0D_0A_09_09_09_09_09_09_09_09_09


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