This IS a Drill: Monday, 5:30 PM, Pascal Sacrifice in Jerusalem, Record Setting Crowd at Passover Sacrifice Reenactment

The Temple Organizations Headquarters will hold its 15th annual Pascal sacrifice exercise on Monday, 5:30 PM, in the Davidson compound near the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. In the past, the police refused to hold the ceremony in a place so close to the Temple Mount for security reasons, but each year the event has moved closer. God Willing, next year the event will climb the extra 30 feet or so to the Temple Mount, and be conducted at the intended time, starting in the early evening of Passover. Read More:

Record Setting Crowd at Passover Sacrifice Reenactment
“And when you enter the land that Hashem will give you, as He has promised, you shall observe this rite.” Exodus 12:25

The seventh annual reenactment of the Pesach (Passover) sacrifice took place on Monday, bringing the Nation of Israel ever closer to the Third Temple than before. “We can see the Third Temple rising on the horizon,” Shimshon Elboim, one of the organizers of the event, told Breaking Israel News. “It used to be just a small group of activists who showed up, but this year, the Passover sacrifice reenactment went mainstream.”


The Korban Pesach (Demo):

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