Trump Admin Helps Secure Pro-Life Victory at UN, Prevents Commission on the Status of Women From Promoting Abortion

(C-Fam) The elation of the commission was palpable as UN delegates applauded the Colombian who steered negotiations for an agreement on policies for women and girls in rural areas to their successful conclusion on Friday. “I am too tired,” he said panting, as he caught his breath to tell the UN Commission on the Status of Women of the successful conclusions of the negotiations. His exhaustion was audible as he spoke in a raucous breathless voice. He held back tears as his body shook with emotion and he waved from the floor of the UN meeting room, acknowledging the grateful applause of the commission as congratulatory diplomatic remarks replaced the vicious backbiting and maneuvering that led to the agreement. And the pressure to deliver an agreement was greater than ever at this year’s commission, given that the last time the commission tackled rural women in 2012 negotiations broke down and there was no agreement. Read More:


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