Videos: Live grenades found on wounded Gaza terrorist evacuated to an Israeli hospital. Hamas Exposed for Lying to World about 8 Month Old Gaza Girl “Killed” by the IDF

1-Yesterday the IDF stopped multiple attempts of terrorists attempting to infiltrate Israel from Gaza. The wounded Gaza terrorist was evacuated to an Israeli hospital. The Dr. was surprised to find grenades in his pocket and evacuated the area. Read More See Videos:

2-Remember the 8-month-old baby in Gaza, Layla Ghandour, killed by the IDF? Hamas sold the lie to the world media that the IDF killed her with tear gas. Well, the story was an international tearjerker, with front page stories bashing Israel, in the New York Times, the LA Times and every major media publication. As usual, it wasn’t true. IDF interrogators revealed that the Hamas paid off the family to say the baby was killed. There will probably NOT be a front page New York Times story correcting their erroneous reporting.  But the damage to Israel’s image sticks. Read More See videos:

Pallywood Take One: The money must be good!!

Protest by the border of Gaza-Israel
“Peaceful Protests”

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