VIDEOS: CALIFORNIA WANTS THE ATTORNEY GENERAL TO STUDY THE IDEA OF CENSORING THE INTERNET!!! Samsung Phone “Bug” Secretly Sent Photos to Random Contacts. Massive Outage Hits Comcast, Verizon, Spectrum and Others!

An advisory group to study the problem of spreading False information?? You mean An advisory group like The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) currently being used in YouTube??  Our internet is slowly being taken away from us BECAUSE WE the People are Telling the truth and They are threatened by us. Why else would the censor, demonetize, and take down channels and websites? Because of “Conspiracy theories” like Chemtrails? Look up in the sky and when you see chemtrails Your Own eyes won’t lie to you. The fact is they DON”T want us knowing Anything. They ONLY reason they created the internet was to gather ALL information about us NOT for us to get informed and learn.


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