Donald Trump era and the international implications

When it comes to God’s Miracles It is always against All odds. So against All odds (ALL corruption and money) God chose Donald Trump to bring about a new era of justice and truth upon this world. A brave, simple, modest, funny man who will Not take a penny from the Americans he represents. And there are several Billionaire politicians out there who do take in a salary… The left has gone so far with their immoral agenda noise that more & more people around the world just want the noise to stop, go back to having a peaceful life, traditions, truth, individuality, freedom and prosperity. No more corruption! The unhinged left is the result of knowing their time is about to expire for good. I think that we would All get along just fine share our cultures & colors, prosper and thrive with all our potentials without our corrupt governments who have Sold us out to the Illuminati. The result is look what they have done so far And keep doing. We have waited thousands of years for this era and it’s only going to get better.



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