My Fellow Canadians, Are you sick & tired of what is happening to our country? Consider The Canadian Nationalist Party. Canada First

My Fellow Canadians Please visit this site, see the video and read about this party. Personally it makes sense to me as a new Member as I am tired of both Liberals and the present Conservative Party. I don’t have faith in Andrew Sheer he is too weak in my opinion. All you see in the Parliament are both sides arguing back in forth with NOTHING ever resolved and NO one ever being held accountable for the multiple Crimes being perpetrated. It’s a circus where the Only time The speaker of the house says anything is when he tells everyone to shut up! Trudeau and the Liberal party have literally transformed Canada into More of a Socialist country than it already was. You can either sit back and let them finish us off or join the Nationalist Populist Movement that is taking place all over the world and now in Canada.



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