WATCH: 10 Fun Facts About Israel. Elul: ‘A Month of Reflection and Prayer’ Holy Prayer is Holier in Israel.

Think you know everything about Israel? Check out 10 facts that you might not know! Israel is one of the most attractive, interesting, beautiful and safest places to visit today in the entire world. While the biased, international media hides the truth, here are some cool facts about the Holy Land that you probably weren’t aware of!

 Elul: ‘A Month of Reflection and Prayer’ I can hear Efraim lamenting: You have chastised me, and I am chastised Like a calf that has not been broken. Receive me back, let me return, For You, Hashem, are my God. Jeremiah 31:17 (The Israel Bible™)  During Elul, the 12th month of the Jewish calendar that leads to the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, prayer becomes evermore important to the Jewish people. During this time, Jewish academics and Rabbis say that prayer has a special ability to effect change in one’s life – especially in the land of Israel. “Elul is a month of reflection and prayer specifically geared toward repentance and heading toward Yom Kippur,” said Rabbi Dov Lipman, former Knesset member and Judaic studies teacher. Read More:


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