Videos: President Donald Trump Rally in Wheeling, West Virginia Massive MAGA Rally 9-29-2018. Katrina Pierson: We Should Thank God, Donald Trump ran for President in 2016 – Epic Segment 09/28/18. HUGE BLOW To Dems After Trump CANCELS The ONE Thing They Love The Most

1:27.26 approx. starts Trump's speech

Videos: Brett Kavanaugh Spoke on Behalf of ALL Conservatives!!! FORD CAUGHT IN MAJOR LIE! Christine Ford Has CIA Connections!! These NEW Documents PROVE She Committed PERJURY! Dirty Dem CAUGHT Making ‘PAYOFF’ In Plain Sight Responds with ABSURD Explanation. Sarah Sanders Has Finally Had Enough Drops Sudden Announcement During Live Interview. Democrats PULL A STUNT As They Realize They Have Lost

VIDEOS: DEPOPULATION – AGENDA 21 & 30. THIS IS HOW MESSED UP CALIFORNIA IS… LGBT PRIESTS WANT TO TEACH KIDS… Speaking of "Sustainable Development" AKA Total Control, This ad appeared during this video Huh!!! It's ALL a deception! The LGBTQ... Is Part of Agenda21 because they will Not procreate and that is why they are promoted and funded Greatly with Our dollars.

Videos: Dr. Mike Adams – National Emergency / Act of War… ARRESTS you probably haven’t heard about! DRAIN THE SWAMP!!! GOP Doxxed from Congressional Computer. ‘We Could Hear Rosenstein Scream’!! SCALPED! Socialist Caught RED HANDED Infiltrating Gov’t Systems To ATTACK America – OUT AT DOJ

Videos: Live Confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. 2 Men Came Forward Who Think They Assaulted Ford, Not Kavanaugh. Body Language: B. K. Hearing Christine Blasey Ford. Democrats Yell And Scream After Republicans Set Vote On B.K. For Today. Seconds After Kavanaugh Vote WIN, Top Trump-Hater Calls in The FBI. Why Another FBI Investigation of B.K. Would be Pointless! Judge Kavanaugh Charade Gives Cover For CIA Takeover Of US Congress As Soros Leftist Mobs.. Why Another FBI Investigation of Brett Kavanaugh Would be Pointless: Campaigns of whatever sort often adopt a mantra, a phrase or even a single word that’s repeated over and over to advance the campaign’s goals. The campaign against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is no different, and their latest mantra... Continue Reading →

Videos: Kavanaugh’s Accusers are Red-Pilling Americans and Uniting the GOP!!! Sen Harris Asks Kavanaugh About Taking A LIE DETECTOR TEST! He DEMANDS An Apology?! Chuck Schumer LASHES Out In The Most Idiotic Way Possible. Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke on Judge Kavanaugh and 2nd Amendment. What Cruz Did To Attackers Right After Restaurant Ambush Revealed

The deep state know that if he is confirmed They will ALL get arrested...!!!

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