Videos: Ted Cruz’s New Ad Will Make EVERYONE Think Twice Before Kneeling For The Anthem. Trump to hold major rally for Ted Cruz. MUST WATCH: Ted Cruz Grills Democrats On “Hypocritical” Views On Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats Turn Supreme Court Hearing Into Circus with Planned Disruptions. This Statement by Judge Brett Kavanaugh will get him IMMEDIATELY confirmed to the Supreme Court

Democrats Turn Supreme Court Hearing Into Circus with Planned Disruptions: Showing how liberals oppose actual democracy, the Democrats have already turned the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh into a circus with disruptions they planned out ahead of time. Indeed, as the Republicans set out to present Judge Brett Kavanaugh for consideration for the next open slot on the nation’s highest court, Democrats have set out on a course of their own to illicitly disrupt the proceedings. This is not mere conjecture, because as Breitbart News reports, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin admitted to the plan. Read More:

Cruz Delivers Knockout Blow to Opponent Who Said Nothing Is ‘More American’ Than Anthem Kneeling: There is a segment of America that is sick and tired of the desecration of our flag. And since the NFL has adopted the take-a-knee protest model that number might be growing. Read More See Video:


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