The Real Reason People Compare Israel To The Nazis Excerpt. Shocking anti-Semitism reaches Florida high school. Facebook under fire for deleting post of naked Holocaust victims. Brown University Denounces Anti-Semitic Incident on Campus. Big blow to Israel boycotters as Pepsi Co buys SodaStream

I have always been troubled by the prospect that a nation such as Britain, which has so often been a light to others in politics, philosophy, and science, should some day soon step down from the stage of world history forever. I see Britain, America, the Netherlands, and others as forming part of a family of nations whose continued independent existence is meaningful to me personally. Nevertheless, my first concern is for Israel, and I would like now to try to understand what my country looks like when seen through European eyes — or rather, through the eyes of the new paradigm that provides an understanding of Israel to so many in Europe, and now also to increasing numbers of educated people in America and elsewhere. Read more:

Shocking antisemitism reaches Florida high school: Anti-Semitism is growing in America on both the right and the left and it must be confronted. Everyone should learn from Sami of Orlando, Fl. Read More:

Facebook under fire for deleting post of naked Holocaust victims: Facebook censorship hits again, this time taking down a Holocaust post put up by the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. Read More-See video:

Brown University Denounces Anti-Semitic Incident on Campus:

UPDATE: Brian Clark, Brown University’s director of news and editorial development, told the Journal in an email that they “have no mechanism to independently verify the identities of the individuals with certainty.”

ORIGINAL: Brown University issued a statement on August 3 condemning an anti-Semitic incident that took place on campus on July 31. According to a notice from Brown University Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity Shontay Delalue, the incident involved two people who were not affiliated with the university “displaying a vulgar and highly offensive anti-Semitic sign, and attempting to engage members of our community in discussion.” Read More:

Big blow to Israel boycotters as Pepsi Co buys SodaStream: Israel boycotters are constantly trying to ruin the country. But once again, they failed as Pepsi Co bought out SodaStream. Read More:

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