Videos: Facebook Twitter and Google Testifies to Senate Intelligence Committee. Rep. Billy Long, an auctioneer, drowns out “protester” shouting at Twitter’s Jack Dorsey during hearing. Top Facebook Exec Resigns to Play Frisbee. WikiLeaks Consultant Mysteriously Disappears in Norway Before Obama Visit

Start time 36.02   bla bla bla the hypocrisy of John McCain… an opening pretty speech- Fast fwd to 100: 57 to hear what lying Dorsy has to say…  There are SO many wrong things with this hearing; If I were to make a video with my comments I would have to pause literally every few minutes and I don’t have the time unfortunately. It’s a long video but Very important to watch. First off see how these congressmen politely ask General questions where of course they will obtain General answers. Stuff like Thank you for being here and Sorry to bother you Criminals!! Face Book & Twitter ADMIT their NWO actions admitting they have a third party intervening (Southern Poverty law Center) so that they can “Investigate” and Take you down? They admit to playing as investigators & cops working with the Corrupt FBI to know your every move NOT to catch real criminals but us. Everything coming out of their mouths is a lie! All these politicians either are smart and pretend to be on their side in order to get them to confess somehow which I won’t hold my breath Or are ALL paid to look the other way having a hearing in oder to avoid a revolution. Face Book admitting a few times of working with “Other companies” Who are these Other companies they are working with?? How many millions of dollars did the American tax payers have to spill for this hearing that will go Nowhere? This is what the new world order looks like folks! There are SO many crimes and violations being committed here it’s Pathetic, wrong, infuriating and immoral.  All these years of shadow banning and censoring and now in court we get responses like “ Oh we are looking into it, we had meetings lately, we will get back to you…” Because they Know they will get away with ALL their crimes!!! Just look at Google who didn’t even show up clearly states that they own the world and don’t have to answer to NO one!!! ALL of the information being presented to us is FALSE starting with Google, Wikipedia, Snopes, All Socialist Medias, All MSM and pretty much a lot of the internet. Instead of enjoying life We the people have become   investigators watching them while they Demonetize us, take us down, Delegitimize us as they Collect All the money.

What Social medias should be (and pretended to be initially) is a Transparent platform where ALL people get to share information, It is up to us to decide what is true or false NOT the SM’s role. Face Book admitting that “When they see fake news” They go above & beyond to Advise everyone it’s fake news” but that is THEIR version of fake news! Just who in the hell do they think they are infiltrating EVERY aspect of our lives? See something wrong here? Absolutely!!!In this hearing, where were the examples of censoring like Google search engine or the many of banned accounts Including Many Republicans? No they decided to show examples like “Why is Wikileaks still around”?? (2:52 mark) of course to show how tolerant they are- or asking questions if they are committing certain crimes when they Know they are –that is why there is this hearing No?!! Instead of convicting them of serious crimes it was political about Russia and China as usual!

And speaking of Censoring, a Conservative reporter gets censored During a hearing where we are Supposed to Convict these SM criminals of censoring How Ironic!!

Rep. Billy Long, an auctioneer, drowns out “protester” shouting at Twitter’s Jack Dorsey during hearing: Rep. Billy Long, R-Mo., on Wednesday drowned out a protester who was shouting at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey by using an auction call. Laura Loomer, a far-right activist, was heard shouting pleas at President Trump “because Jack Dorsey is trying to influence the election, to sway the election, to [inaudible] Democrats steal the election.” Read More See Video:

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