VIDEOS -CHILD ABUSE: X ANON … PENNSYLVANIA PEDOPHILIA. CBC Targets Children With Political Propaganda – Ezra Levant. HIDDEN CAMERA: #ProjectVeritas :Michigan Union Boss Neglects Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse, Alleged Child Molester Paid Off in MI AFT Teachers Union Negotiation, Ohio Teachers Union Presidents Defend “physical, sexual, verbal” Abuse of Children, Union City NJEA Protects “Teacher Who Had Sex” w/ Student, NJ Teachers Union President Will “Bend the Truth,” Cover Up Child Abuse in Schools

It’s a lifetime of nightmares!!! The Entire system was designed to Weigh us down, beat us, discourage us, turn us against each other, mentally crush us so that we give up and they keep controlling us. For us Not to execute our full potential and see our wonderful qualities and most of all to never help our fellow man. Wow!!! They have all been placed in key positions so that at every turn we get crushed. From elementary school, through high school, college & university right through the injustices happening at the work place. Just how much can we take??!!!

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