Videos: Live Confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. 2 Men Came Forward Who Think They Assaulted Ford, Not Kavanaugh. Body Language: B. K. Hearing Christine Blasey Ford. Democrats Yell And Scream After Republicans Set Vote On B.K. For Today. Seconds After Kavanaugh Vote WIN, Top Trump-Hater Calls in The FBI. Why Another FBI Investigation of B.K. Would be Pointless! Judge Kavanaugh Charade Gives Cover For CIA Takeover Of US Congress As Soros Leftist Mobs..

Why Another FBI Investigation of Brett Kavanaugh Would be Pointless: Campaigns of whatever sort often adopt a mantra, a phrase or even a single word that’s repeated over and over to advance the campaign’s goals. The campaign against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is no different, and their latest mantra is “FBI investigation.” Let’s look at this mantra’s objectives and its validity. Read More -Sign Petition:


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