Videos: WATCH as Migrant Invader Admits What’s Coming In Caravan On LIVE TV – Trump Was RIGHT! NBC Does The UNFORGIVABLE After Woman Abandons Her Children So She Could Illegally Cross Border. All Hell Broke Loose When Mike Pence Revealed Who Funded The Migrant Caravan. Migrant Caravan Invading States Will Destroy the Democrats!!! Trump Threatens Military Force. Funding the Caravan. We need boots on the ground!! Invaders must be fired upon!!

The Invasion Part 2: Remember that little boy Placed at a beach without a scratch or dirt and baseball cap? Remember how All of Europe opened its borders right after that? Well here we are again with yet Another Planned & paid for Invasion. We were Not stupid then And certainly Not stupid now! The Despicable UN has Made sure to keep many countries poor, uneducated and under socialist rule so that One day they can use them by means of money food and shelter in order to further their NWO agenda!! They have All been Exploited. The Only thing the globalists have is money Not realizing that money, entitlement and power actually blind them and cloud their judgment. The Globalist rule is Over and their dirty money is being depleted as they spill their last pennies into chaos. Once their money is gone the power goes along with it and they have absolutely nothing left.

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