Videos: Jordan nixes parts of peace treaty with Israel, Israel must make a decision about a military option vis-à-vis Gaza, Arabs launch a rocket toward Israel prompting an IAF response, Israel resumes oil supply to Gaza, despite ongoing violence – TV7 Israel News. Balloons of Terror. Signs calling to boycott Israeli products are backfiring hilariously – David Menzies.

Videos: SCOTUS Drop Major Announcement! Tech Giants Better Brace Themselves! Justice Is Coming! $500000 Stuffed in Shoeboxes from Clinton-tied Sex Cult Co-Founder’s Home. After Trump-Hating Brooklyn Witches Cast A Spell on Kavanaugh BAD NEWS Hits Them In Their FACES. Mark Levin: Media blaming Trump for mail bombs is outrageous

Videos: Sen Heitkamp Dir. Details Bait & Switch “… when she gets elected she’s going to be super liberal. #ProjectVeritas . Rep. Ron DeSantis: Opponent Gillum lied to Florida. Andrew Gillum’s Family Possible Voter Fraud. Trump Throws Down the Gauntlet Against Anyone Committing Voter Fraud

Videos: WATCH as Migrant Invader Admits What’s Coming In Caravan On LIVE TV – Trump Was RIGHT! NBC Does The UNFORGIVABLE After Woman Abandons Her Children So She Could Illegally Cross Border. All Hell Broke Loose When Mike Pence Revealed Who Funded The Migrant Caravan. Migrant Caravan Invading States Will Destroy the Democrats!!! Trump Threatens Military Force. Funding the Caravan. We need boots on the ground!! Invaders must be fired upon!! The Invasion Part 2: Remember that little boy Placed at a beach without a scratch or dirt and baseball cap? Remember how All of Europe opened its borders right after that? Well here we are again with yet Another Planned & paid for Invasion. We were Not stupid then... Continue Reading →

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