Videos: Tesla Technology Has Been Revived. Mainstream Medical Science Will Be Forced to Admit Royal Rife Was Right

The Satanists who govern things on earth opened the doors Only to members of those cults to hold key important positions in Every aspect of our lives Globally. For Every virus They invented They have the antidote. And just look at how many people they have killed and continue killing every second that they hold this information from us someone is dying and Big pharma is laughing!  Throughout history Common folks were exploited and stripped of their exceptional talents… because the dominance agenda was Always there. And yet they mocked us over & over with their slogans and shows with the “rags to riches” BS and stupid movies about nobility mingling with the common folk… or Megan Merkel a “movies star” who came from “nothing”… It’s all mockery because we All never had a chance. It’s All rigged Always has been!

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