Videos: Newly Elected Congresswoman DITCHES American Flag At Her Victory Celebration. The link between brazen anti-Semite who calls Jews “Satanic” and the Democrats. More Anti-Semitic Attacks in NYC

Is the Muslim brotherhood still infiltrated everywhere? Seems like it. That’s another swamp all together. So many swamps… Major quarantine in order asap!!

The link between brazen anti-Semite who calls Jews “Satanic” and the Democrats: The link between Democrats and unashamed anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan is upsetting, to say the least. How can anyone associate with this man?  Read More:

More Anti-Semitic Attacks in NYC: A group of teens threw a metal pole into the window of a Brooklyn synagogue. An ex-Obama volunteer arrested for setting synagogues on fire and writing graffiti on the buildings. Just some of the recent antisemitic attacks in NYC the past few weeks. Antisemitic attacks did not start with the Trump Presidency and they do not all come from the right. Yet, the media hardly covered antisemitic attacks until President Trump’s election. Read More See Videos:


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