Videos: European Court Makes it Illegal to Criticize Mohammed. Free Speech Does NOT Apply!! YES! THIS WHY Trump Need to Seize Their Assets & CUT The Heads of the Snakes! No time for O’Reilly. How the Nationalist Populist Right Will Capture Europe!!!

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) passed a verdict last Thursday that insulting Islam’s Prophet Mohammed would be a punishable offense and will not be protected as ‘free speech’. Read More:

It doesn’t take Einstein’s brain to figure out that the Preferential treatment of Islam over the law of the land and its people is to push for the new world order takeover. How else would they have implemented such a global evil dictatorship? The Final Solution to this takeover was to first Fabricate a war in Syria, courtesy of Obama & co. followed by a global Islamic Invasion, Preferential treatment, sharia law AKA Political correctness & Hate crimes. Now you see why the left Loves Islam? Sharia law has already been implemented by ALL social medias and Fake medias all over the world under the guise of Political correctness. Everything was planned and ready to go under Hillary Rotten Clinton. But God’s plans were otherwise. We the people Keep pushing back but they don’t care and will not stop. To the Islamic people, Don’t get Too comfortable because if they had their way and implemented the NWO Satanic religion Would you submit to that? I didn’t think so!

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