Videos: Zuckerberg’s New Low – Look What He Just Did To President Trump! Coincidence? George Soros Sold Facebook, Netflix & Goldman Stock Just Before They Crashed. George Soros is getting redpilled  

Videos: Clinton Foundation Collapsing, Donations Plummet 90%. FINALLY! Hillary Clinton Admits Europe Needs To Get A Handle On Migration!!! Hillary Clinton Tour Canceled !!! It’s Like Christmas! Top Trump Official Assassinated After Linking Hillary Clinton To “Fatherland Card” Trumps At War… US Files Motion to Conceal Julian Assange Charges; Seth Rich Reference in NYPost

Videos: Slayer’s Tom Araya Riles Snowflakes with Pro-Conservative Post!!! Shut Up Michael Moore. Quick Rant on Ocasio-Cortez. ‘I Now Hate White People’ Prof Gets Let Off The Hook – Rob Shimshock.Vicious Fight Breaks Out In Broward County School, Student Not Arrested Until After Video Went Viral. Tim Allen Drops An ANVIL on Jim Acosta on Blast.. UNHINGED! Purple Hair Libtard SHORT CIRCUITS in Portland Then Learns Her FATE The Hard Way! Bat-Guano Crazy Reaches New Levels

Videos: URGENT Press Conference On Migrant At The Southern Border. Migrant Caravan Meets Resistance At U.S. Border. Honduran Invader Given Gift By Mexico Has The AUDACITY To Complain.. Alert: U.S. Troop Prepare To Confront Thousand Migrants Marching On The Border This Weekend. Caravan STORMS US Border – Riots, Tear Gas, Helicopters – BORDER SHUTDOWN!!! Honduran President’s Brother Arrested in Miami

Videos: Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!President Donald Trump TRIGGERS Liberals at pardon of the Thanksgiving Turkey Event. What’s the Truth About the First Thanksgiving? Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends -PM Netanyahu

Videos: Elections of 1856, 1860, 1864 – The Political Fix Was In. A New World Order Tale of Two Protests. Weaponized Smart meters are blowing up Conservative’s homes and hundreds dead in CA!! #Agenda21 . “Fighting Fire with Fire” Weaponized Smart meters are blowing up Conservative's homes and hundreds dead in CA!! #Agenda21  

Videos: Nationwide Mass Protests Against French President Macron Result In Injuries And 1 Death. Nigel Farage On No Confidence Letters And Blame Put On ‘EU Obsession Of The Fanatical Right’, ‘The Police Aren’t Helping Us Anymore’!! TOMMY ROBINSON: THE RAPE OF BRITAIN  

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