Videos: STOP Theresa May Signing UN Pact Welcoming Fake Refugees – Global Compact on Migration. POLL: Over 60% of Brits DISAGREE with Pakistani Foreign Aid – Jack Buckby. Soros-Funded University Kicked Out of Hungary!!! “Too little, too late,” say some Yellow Vests after Macron’s speech. Reporters: What do France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters want?

This UN pact has NO logical reasoning whatsoever. They act as though they rule the world.. as if we would just roll over and die!! Since there is NO honest oversight body in the world we the citizens ought to have a say since Our money is being used to destroy us. The despicable UN should be abolished and our traitorous “leaders” who sign this pact prove to be against the people they claim to represent And they should be removed at once!!!

Thousands of years ago the children of Israel were guests in the land of Egypt all 70 families. We had our communities, we worked, flourished, prospered and contributed much to the land. They thought in their devious greedy minds of how to enslave us while keeping a great global image. Soon enough it was higher & higher taxes until your property is taken from you until you have no food to eat.. then the enslavement starts and to justify this they would state “you must be a slave to repay what you owe” which was a lie of course. During the course of 210 years of enslavement The most immoral things were done to us to demoralize us mentally, physically and spiritually. The secret societies who govern this earth Worship All that is Egyptian its ways, its symbols Everything! Same old tactics being used for centuries now… Except Now a good part of the world is rejecting this never-ending enslavement and it’s about time!

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