Videos: Our World in 2019 – The Scary Truth! The Boy Scouts of America Filing for Bankruptcy after Embracing Liberalism!!! The Misogynistic WAR on FEMININITY. Trans “Beauty Queen” Favored to WIN Miss Universe 2018 in Historical Debut. Liz Crokin Update December 14 2018 — MANY OF HOLLYWOOD STARS INVOLVED TO THIS

There are NO biological females or males when you are a public figure. This has been going on for centuries!! There are many youtubers doing these transvestigations with full proof and facts…No matter how old we are in this world we can all attest that in Biology class we were Never taught All the differences between female and male and that’s why we were fooled and played with so well. Androgynous Satanists are all around us posing as something they are not.

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