Videos: Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Germany once again!!! Protesters in Germany Chant “Adolf Hitler” and “Allah-O-Akbar”!! Appalling sermon aired on PA TV says Allah turned Jews into apes and pigs!! “Palestinian” father chases son with knife and teaches him to stab Jews!! Hamas Live Streaming Terror Event on Youtube!! Senator Cruz Goes After Palestinian Authority Terrorists!! Netanyahu Supports Bill to Expel Families of Terrorists!! Israeli military blows up Hamas TV station so that THIS can never be shown again

Hundreds of Neo-Nazis march in Berlin, Germany.  Violent right-wing extremists are growing in number.  Who’s there to blame?  The zionists, globalists, and the bankers.  This video focuses on the Jewish people in Germany being in danger. Read More: Hey neo Nazi scumbags, If anyone is going to the gas chambers That would be... Continue Reading →

Countdown: Top 10 Worst UN Actions of 2018 – Selected by UN Watch. Chinese propaganda at UN Human Rights Council…

10. Maduro Regime Glorified by First UN Rights Official to Visit Venezuela: Alfred de Zayas, UNHRC’s “Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order.”In September 2018, Venezuela’s Maduro regime was legitimized in an official expert report by Alfred de Zayas, the UN Human Rights Council’s “Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable... Continue Reading →

Videos `Janice Atkinson: What’s REALLY in the UN Migrant Compact, UK Government’s Lies about Underemployment at Breaking Point – Jack Buckby. Bias, Corruption & Coercion: Why The BBC Must Be Denationalized!!! Trump exposes Queen Elizabeth’s secret plan to take over the world!! “Time Is Up White People”. Merkel Feels Heat In The Bundestag Over UN Migration Pact. Canada 2019: World’s First MEME COUNTRY  

Videos: President Trump Participates in a Christmas Day Video Teleconference with Members of the Military. Trump makes surprise visit to US troops in Iraq. President Trump gives UNBELIEVABLE Speech to Military troops. Trump Orders Troops Home, NWO Freaks! Gorka’s Christmas Visit To Trump White House: ‘The Atmosphere Was Electric’. Trump Fires Back Against NY Democrats After Trump Foundation Is Shut Down!! U S Senate – Repeal the Johnson Amendment

Videos: Trump all alone in the White House on Christmas Eve. Trumps Master Spooks & The Clandestine Mission To Save The World! 69,405 sealed Indictments…Look and see who is all going to GITMO… Q This Message Is Directly From Our Military Generals To [The People]. Q There Will Be No Civilian Trials For The Illuminati [Military Tribunal] Treasonous! Trump Slams Federal Reserve Over Market Crash; Audit the Fed? CLINTONS IN THE CROSSHAIRS! Message Delivered, Shots Fired! Trump is Up to Something. The Greatest Sacrifice: How General Michael Flynn Took A Bullet For President Trump

Videos: Unbelievable!! 17,000 bodies are found inside shipping container back in 2013… now exposed, how can this happen??!! Planned Parenthood Undercover Videos… Attorney General Who Seized Undercover Videos From David Daleiden Paid by Planned Parenthood:  

Videos: A Nationalist Christmas Celebration from Budapest, The Glories of Poland & The Splendor of Saint Petersburg!!! A Merry Christmas Surprise Opera at food court. #MerryChristmas from Israel to all our Christian friends! 🎄🎄🎄. Grant Homeless People Their Christmas Wishes!

VIDEOS: TOMMY ROBINSON AND GEERT WILDERS AT THE DUTCH PARLIAMENT. TOMMY ROBINSON RECIEVES HIS 8TH OSMAN WARNING FROM THE POLICE. Italian MEP Begs Europe to WAKE UP to Islamic threat. Matteo Salvini’s immigration law is passed in Italian parliament. Police Overwhelmed By ‘Yellow Vest’ – Police Union Calls For Strike! Nigel Farage on E.U.’s ‘Cold War’ with U.S.: ‘If It Wasn’t for America, We’d All Be Speaking German’!! “Nobody Elected You” Nigel Farage SAVAGES EU Leader! Yellow Vest Clash With Police In Brussels Again – Poor Old Verhofstadt LOL!! E.U. 2019 – The European Spring BEGINS

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