Videos: How the Civil War Changed America. The Deep State’s Historic Ties -Myths VS Facts. FBI ANON Comey and Brennan Indicted By Grand Jury. Capital High Treason 7 Trillion Missing Of US TaxPayers Dollars. Criminal Arrests – Don’t Commit Crimes, You Eventually Get Caught!! NOOOO! Clintons Show Up In the LAST PLACE You’d Expect Them, Suddenly 2020 Whispers Begin They have done Absolutely Everything to make sure the birthrate declined so that they can flood us with savages under the fancy name of migration then they Throw it in our face - us the traditionalists who all we wanted was God country and family.

Videos: President Trump SUPPORTS Bringing BIBLE Back to PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!! HEART-POUNDING! The MOST INSPIRATIONAL President Trump Video Collection of ALL Time! VOLUME ONE. Trump Recommits to His Base, Issues Huge Shutdown Announcement Days After Reopening Gov’t. President Trump DOJ INDICTS Chinese Company Huawei for Stealing American Tech Secrets. The New U.S. Navy Submarine Terrified Russia for a Simple Reason.

Videos: SALVINI Calls on French To RISE UP and GET RID of MACRON!!! Matteo Salvini learns he is to be charged w/ kidnapping for blocking migrant ship!! GLOBALIST EU ‘Coming APART Before Our Eyes’, Say 30 TOP Intellectuals!!! Viktor Orban: SOROS Openly Trying to Take Over EU Institutions!!! Merkel’s Secret Police to SPY on Nationalist Alternative for Germany!!! Nigel Farage BLASTS Angela Merkel!!! Treasonous Parliament Votes On Amendments To BREXIT Which The People Already Finalized

Videos: Tensions mount on Israel’s southern and northern frontiers, Russia warned Iran of imminent Israeli attack – TV7 Israel News. 21 Iranian & Syrian Soldiers Killed as Israel Attacks Military Installations in Syria. Sheikh gets schooled by a Jew on Arabic TV in ARABIC! Syrian activist slams Iran and shocks viewers in this epic debate. PM Netanyahu Meets New Zealand Minister of Defence 21 Iranian & Syrian Soldiers Killed as Israel Attacks Military Installations in Syria: Israel has repeatedly told the world that it will not tolerate any Iranian presence in Syria. In response to Iranian rocket launches from Syrian soil, the past few days Israel launched a number of attacks destroying Syrian and Iranian targets... Continue Reading →

Videos: The Witch Hunt is a Propaganda Psyop. Why “Learn to Code” Meme ENRAGES the Media. Stone on his indictment: This is about silencing me, criminalizing political expression. It All Becomes Clear – New Report EXPOSES Dark Money Groups Who Crushed Conservatives. Q – Dark To Light

Videos: PEOPLE Calling For Nazi Pelosi To RESIGN After Sen Ted Cruz EXPOSED THIS!! Police Seek Removal of Nancy Pelosi from Office! White House Announces Wall Is Coming With Or Without Dems Help. Nancy Set to Give Her Own SOTU Address After Cancelling Trump’s. Why Was Nancy Pelosi in Mexico City?

Videos: The memory of the Holocaust will fade if you stay silent. New Study: Nazi Murder Rate Far Higher Than Previously Thought. #WeRemember

80 years ago, the thought that a mass organized murder of an entire race could happen was unfathomable to nearly everyone in the world.  5 years later, it was clear to everyone in the world that exactly that had just occurred across Europe.  70 years later, while tens of thousands of 80-100+ year old Holocaust... Continue Reading →

Rabbi: Messiah Began on Sunday, Will Appear on Purim, and Will Finish With Israeli Elections. Video: The Purpose of Life

“Indeed, my God does nothing Without having revealed His purpose To His servants the Neviim.” Amos 3:7 (The Israel Bible™) Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of the most prominent rabbis of this generation, made a shocking statement, claiming that the Messiah will precede the upcoming Israeli elections. Several rabbis noted that the writing is on the wall and... Continue Reading →

Videos: Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria-Russia warns US in Black Sea keep your distance. Israel conducts massive bombardment of Iranian targets in Syria, Syria threatens Ben-Gurion International Airport – TV7 Israel News. End of Days End of Israel Enemies, The Year 5779 Wars- Redemption Messiah in bible code – Glazerson. Things Judaism has taught me about life – by Rabbi Sacks. Jerusalem: Holiest City to Whom? The Knesset  

VIDEOS: Govt shuts down internet; looting Zimbabwe on FlRE!! Venezuela: Military Coup is HERE. Yellow Vests Show Up Again In Brussels. UK Yellow Vests For BREXIT Block Road Outside Buckingham Palace. Scholars See the Liberal World Order CRASHING!!! MEP Coburn Gives Theresa May A Total Thrashing -‘We’re Going To Get Rid Of Her’!! AfD Bundestag speech on threat posed by leftwing extremism in Germany. IRAN: Paris Rally Against Rouhani. Sweden is not safe anymore

Videos: This Is The Video You’ve Been Waiting For… MASSIVE “Portal/Gateway” appears South Sweden NIGHT SKY Photo! Is this EARTH? – Blockbuster Sky Observations Caught on Camera! IS THIS The Best UFO Footage Ever?… Unbeatable! Here’s How America’s Quietly Winning the Hypersonic-Missile race over Russia and China

Videos: Nancy Pelosi Attempts To Smuggle 93 Underage Family Members Out Of The Country!?!? Trump Stops Her!! President Pelosi. Tucker: MAGA hat-wearing students smeared by media. Mueller’s Unprecedented Move. A Patriot on Team-Mueller. Gillette Parody Video. Walgreens To Make Huge Pay Out Over Multiple Lawsuits

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