Videos: The memory of the Holocaust will fade if you stay silent. New Study: Nazi Murder Rate Far Higher Than Previously Thought. #WeRemember

80 years ago, the thought that a mass organized murder of an entire race could happen was unfathomable to nearly everyone in the world.  5 years later, it was clear to everyone in the world that exactly that had just occurred across Europe.  70 years later, while tens of thousands of 80-100+ year old Holocaust survivors serve as living witnesses to the horrors, a lie spreads across the entire world. Read More:

Video: The Holocaust survivor with an important mission:

Meet Sami, the Holocaust survivor. Don’t let his story be forgotten. Are there hundreds of thousands of 80+ year old liars in the world? Is Sami, a Holocaust survivor, lying? Watch and decide. Are all of the respected historians who unanimously agree that a holocaust of 6 million happened exaggerating? Stand up and do your part to make sure that the anti-Semitic opinions of a few do not grow to become the views of the masses. Read More:

Nelly Ben-Or risked all to play the piano. It helped her survive the Holocaust.

LONDON (JTA) — Like countless world-class pianists, Nelly Ben-Or began playing piano at the age of 5 and never stopped. That discipline helped Ben-Or, 86, became an international concert pianist and the person most widely recognized for adapting the Alexander technique for posture and movement improvement for musicians. But unlike most of her peers, much of Ben-Or’s musical training in her native Poland took place while her family was hiding in Nazi-occupied Warsaw, where her mother, Antonina Podhoretz, time and again risked everything to afford her daughter access to the then scarce instrument. Read More:

New Study: Nazi Murder Rate Far Higher Than Previously Thought. “Ah, those who plan iniquity And design evil on their beds; When morning dawns, they do it, For they have the power.” Micah 2:1 (The Israel Bible™)  A study by Lewi Stone, a mathematical biologist at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, set out to determine the rate at which victims of the Holocaust were killed by the Nazis in World War II. Previous estimates suggested that 6,000 people were murdered daily at Auschwitz alone, but exact figures were difficult to verify because the deaths were covered up by the Nazis. Stone focused his study on records of the “special trains” used to transport people. Overall, some 480 train trips were made from 393 separate Polish towns, destined for death camps such as Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. Though also used for extermination, Auschwitz was also a forced-labor camp. Stone’s research revealed a  “three-month phase of hyperintense killing” highlighting the Nazis’ “pure focused goal of obliterating the entire Jewish people of occupied Poland in as short a time as possible.” Read More:

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