Videos: FINALLY! Sen. Mitch McConnell CONFIRMS THIS Over BORDER WALL FUNDING! Schumer SITS ON FIRE! Ocasio-Cortez, People Are More Concerned About Being Factually Correct. Dem Rashida Tlaib Unleashes Anti-Semitic Slur Against Congressional Colleagues. Faith Nation: January 4, 2019. A HUGE WAVE OF ARRESTS HAS BEEN PERFORMED  

Videos: Whistleblowers Reveal Comey’s Central Role in Trump Spying Cover-Up. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes MAJOR Announcement – This Move Is A First Ever For Her. More nonsense from Socialist Ocasio-Cortez. Rashida Tlaib Dodges Reporters, Won’t Answer Questions About Her “Impeach the Motherf*!” Comment. THIS T-shirt Got Her Booted From Her Favorite Spot

Videos: 1St Day Congresswoman “IMPEACH THE MOTHER F#%*ER”!! Rashida Tlaib LIED to her constituents on DAY 1 – Media Crickets!! ‘The Five’ react to new Rep’s vulgar call for impeachment. Manchin condemns Rashida Tlaib’s profane Trump comments. The anti-Semitism surrounding Rashida Tlaib. CNN Excited for “Female Takeover” of Congress  

Videos ` Macron afraid of Yellow Vests: Arrests Leader and turned into Symbol of Resistance. MACRON ON THE BRINK as His Top Adviser QUITS!!! “You have to PAY UP!” Donald Trump SHADES Angela Merkel and the EU. GEORGE SOROS Warns the EU is on the BRINK OF COLLAPSE!!! Nationalist Sweden Democrats Take Over Swedish Countryside!!! Bolsonaro Gov’t Calls for Post-Globalist Pact Between Brazil, Russia and US!!! Why Right-Wing Populists Are WINNING Everywhere!!!  

Videos: Border Wall GoFundMe Founder Goes To Pelosi’s Office To Collect $1. If Walls Don’t Work, Why Does Obama Have a Wall Around his House? Trump Threatens To Declare State Of Emergency To Protect United States Could Last Years ‘We’re Not Playing Games’!! Text “BORDER” to 88022 and Vote to secure the border. The propaganda medias and their constant lies... referring the wall as Trump's wall when it's the people's wall the security of the country.  

Videos: The Five Most INSANE & UNHINGED Political Events of 2018. POTUS Missing??? Black Conservative SLAMS Mitt Romney Over Trump Op-Ed. POTUS Raids Pedophile Obama Thailand Mansion!! Trudeau’s Pedophile Connections. OMG! – 9-11 Files have been dropped!! “You Will Be Paying Us”

Videos: Q GODFIDENCE [Information War Has Been Declared]. Q We Will Restore Our Country By The People For The People. Nobody TROLLS the FAKE NEWS Media BETTER than Donald J. Trump. Mark Taylor Prophecy Update (01/01/2019) — NWO, THE CABAL AND THE DEEP STATE ARE NOW DENOUNCED  

Videos: After spending $13B for a NWO, George soros GETS EXPOSED By Tom fitton. Q A Very Proper Public Shaming of Hillary!! 7 DEAD In SNIPER Attack. Former New York Times Executive Editor Admits Paper Is ‘Unmistakably Anti-Trump’  

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