Videos: Israel under intensive rocket-fire amid IAF retaliation, Gaza-Islamists continue to fire rockets toward Israel, Israel reportedly strikes Iranian targets in Syria – TV7 Israel News. Jerusalem Dateline: CBN Exclusive with Secretary Pompeo in Jerusalem. Team Israel to the Special Olympics Returns With 22 Medals. Christian Persecution rises sharply in 2019 across the Globe And Who the hell are the EU & UN to dictate what goes on in the Holy land??!!!

Videos: Mike Pence DROPS BOMB Directly On Ilhan Omar in Front of the Group She HATES The Most. Fox News Has Caved & Judge Jeanine Pirro Will Be Back On The Air This Saturday. MENTALLY INSANE? Why BETO O’ ROURKE is the MOST DANGEROUS 2020 Candidate. Jussie Smollett Bond Papers FBI Investigating. RNC Chair Just UNLOADED On Liars!! The De-Platforming SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER is COLLAPSING!!! Why Telling the Truth is So Important! A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

Videos: BILLBOARD CO CARES MORE ABOUT OFFENDING MUSLIMS THAN IT DOES PROTECTING GIRLS FROM HONOR KILLINGS!!! R. Kelly Converting to Islam to Avoid Prison? Shocking story of child bride at Philly mosque doesn’t fit media narrative. New Zealand Mosque Leader Blames Jews for Christchurch Terror Attack (David Wood). Gazan Child YouTuber Bilal Muhammad Abdulaal Threatens Macron: Do Not Intervene in Algeria. Qatari Sociologist Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari Mocks the West, International Women’s Day. Ayatollah Gholamali Naeimabadi Prompts Friday Sermon Crowd to Chant Death Slogans followed by Crazy flooding in Shiraz, Iran  

Videos: “IT’S BIGGEST Scam In the US History!” Mueller, Obama ARE SHAKING IN FEAR After MASSIVE SECRET OUT! Obama Issues Ominous Warning To Dems In Congress. Obama administration under fire over Mueller report. THIS 2020 CANDIDATE IS MORE RADICAL THAN ILHAN OMAR & RASHIDA TLAIB COMBINED… Camera Catches Kamala Harris In HORRIFIC RANT. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Removed From Board. How the Big Lie Protected the Clintons. Traditional Liberals Forced Further Left into the Socialist Madness by Young Marxist Militants. 47 Arrested In Major Law Enforcement Operation. Defender of the Republic. Bannon: TRUMP will ‘GO FULL ANIMAL’ on Enemies with Mueller Probe Over!!!

Videos: MEP Reveals TRUE Cost of the European Union – Janice Atkinson, MEP. Center-Right Politicians to Negotiate with Nationalist SWEDEN DEMOCRATS!!! Yellow Vest Act 19: Macron is Losing Control!!! Right-Wing Nationalist FvD BIG WINNERS in NETHERLANDS ELECTION!!! Viktor Orbán: MULTICULTURALISM Has NO PLACE in HUNGARY!!! Nationalist Right Lega WINS Italian Region Dominated by Left for Decades!!! Trump and Bolsonaro to Bring Nationalist Populism to the Whole Hemisphere!!!  

Videos: Socialist Chemtrails Spread North up the Coast to Seattle Intent on Destroying Another American City. FIGHTING BACK!!! SANCTUARY CITIES ARE NO LONGER JUST FOR THE LEFT. Pedogate Priest Crimes – The Core Of Power Over A Victim. Pedogate Mom – Allowed Rape for $400 Of Her 5 Yr Old Should Get Life In Prison. Patriots, The Whole Nation is Depending on YOU!!  

Videos: After VICTORY in Mueller Report, Now It’s Trump’s TURN to Investigate!!! Here’s Trump’s Killer 40-Second Ad Released After Mueller Cleared His Name and Media Meltdown Across Networks. Everyone at CNN in Tears When They Saw What Their MEGA Anti-Trump Spree Did To Them as their Reporters Still Camped Outside Mueller’s Office!! CNN’s Trump Hatred Results in Double-Digit Rating Collapse!!! There’s No Stopping Trump’s Reelection :-)

Purim Supermoon: Countdown to Messiah. VIDEOS: LAST EXILE OF ISRAEL IN BIBLE CODE MATITYAHU GLAZERSON. The Grave Lesson of Purim. Netanyahu Hails Terrorist’s Neutralization – 20.3.19 TV7 Israel News. Israel makes history and does something to save the whole world

Before the great and terrible day of Hashem comes, I will set portents in the sky and on earth: Blood and fire and pillars of smoke; The sun shall turn into darkness And the moon into blood. But everyone who invokes the name of Hashem shall escape; for there shall be a remnant on Mount... Continue Reading →

Videos `SHOCKING MEDIA BIAS: Reuters Hides Damaging Info on BETO O’ROURKE!!! CNN Freaks Out Over White Males Running For President in 2020. Leak Reveals Who Stabbed Judge Pirro In Back From Fox News. West Virginia Spends $87 Mil. For New MUSLIM Housing. BBC Interview: R. Kelly and Prophet Muhammad. Thriving Leftist Campus Re-Education Efforts have Turned All-American Kids into Hateful Marxists. Philadelphia the Unbelievable Corruption Taking Place. Show This Video To Everybody Who Opposes Trump’s Wall. $250 Million+ Suit Filed Against Twitter. Is Nunes’ Twitter Lawsuit a Disaster for Legitimate Claims Against Social Media? with Larry Klayman

Videos: Fox News Pulled Judge Jeanine Pirro Off Air & the Islamic connection!! Glazov Moment: In Defense of Judge Jeanine. Hamas-linked CAIR unveils its plan for an Islamic America. DEMOCRATS SECRET PLAN TO ELIMINATE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY EXPOSED… Democrats and Population Control -Agenda21. OPTIMISM? Despite all the Socialism Talk Data shows America GROWING MORE CONSERVATIVE Hamas-linked CAIR unveils its plan for an Islamic America: What is happening in the US Congress should shake you to the core. The Muslim Congress members are trying to create an Islamic America. The secret is out. Read More See Video:

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