Videos: Muslim Political Jihadist Congress Rep. Omar Shows How Anti-American She Is. Watch This Jewish Leader RIP Ilhan Omar To Shreds, HUMILIATES Her On The Air! Assyrian Woman Urges Ilhan Omar’s Supporters to Visit Her Minnesota District. Jim Acosta CONFRONTS Sarah Sanders on Rep. Omar, gets OWNED!! LOL! NYC Billboards Strike Again With These BRUTAL Words For AOC. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez hand picked out of 10,000 Actors & Kris Kringle Boyfriend. CNN Interview Goes off Rails After Jerome Corsi’s Lawyer Insists Obama Birth Certificate Fraudulent. Nancy Pelosi Wants Full Voting Rights for All Immigrants. Oscars in Babylon: Hollywood Worships Its Own Hypocrisy, Bans Speech. Insiders’ Agenda – Create Radical Change

The destroyers of the world Always point the finger at others. Her disposition clearly shows her arrogance with not a care in the world as though she is judge and jury. Let her try and do this at Any Islamic country!!

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