Videos: How Marxists took over the Netherlands – Yuri Bezmenov & ideological subversion. Carl Jung compared Hitler to Muhammad. Here’s why. FINLAND IS FINISHED: Bernie’s model for America JUST COLLAPSED under its own SOCIALIST weight. German Conservatives Demand Merkel’s Resignation!!! Leftist Media Slanders Upcoming Verona Family Conference!!! YELLOW VEST UPRISING Presents ‘ULTIMATUM’ for ACT 18!!! Serious Damage In Paris During Violent Yellow Vest Protest

This is Proof that Genesis 12:3 is a Fact. Europe concurred with the Nazi regime Demoralized the Jewish people, separated their families, destroyed their businesses, stained their names with False propaganda, disarmed them, did not allow them to leave Europe, Stripped them of All their belongings, humiliated them, terrorized them, tortured them, raped them, made sick experiments on them to finally burn them to death along with our holy books and synagogues. Europe Blindly accepted socialism then and so it happens again. What you do comes back to you. God did Not forget what happened to His Chosen. The golden rule should have been a law throughout history.


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