Videos: Rome vs. Jerusalem: Ancient Artifacts Reveal Tragic History. Israeli Aid Organization Helping Puerto Rico Rebuild after Devastation of Hurricane Maria. Hezbollah: Iran’s Most Lethal Striking Arm Against Israel. Why Iran and Hezbollah Have a Growing Presence in Latin America. Pastor John Hagee Honored in Jerusalem. The Watchman Episode 123: Clues to an Ancient Mystery Lie Beneath Jerusalem’s Temple Mount?

Videos: Former NYC Police Commissioner Speaks-Out. From Zero to Castro. What AOC Doesn’t Want You to Know. Clinton & Obama’s Economic Adviser Dies at 58. Leftist Journalist helped Syrian terrorist to get false papers. Trump Issues His Very First Veto Pelosi. Keynote speaker at the UN? And knew the Clintons... followed by suicide as usual??!!  

Videos: How Marxists took over the Netherlands – Yuri Bezmenov & ideological subversion. Carl Jung compared Hitler to Muhammad. Here’s why. FINLAND IS FINISHED: Bernie’s model for America JUST COLLAPSED under its own SOCIALIST weight. German Conservatives Demand Merkel’s Resignation!!! Leftist Media Slanders Upcoming Verona Family Conference!!! YELLOW VEST UPRISING Presents ‘ULTIMATUM’ for ACT 18!!! Serious Damage In Paris During Violent Yellow Vest Protest This is Proof that Genesis 12:3 is a Fact. Europe concurred with the Nazi regime Demoralized the Jewish people, separated their families, destroyed their businesses, stained their names with False propaganda, disarmed them, did not allow them to leave Europe, Stripped them of All their belongings, humiliated them, terrorized... Continue Reading →

Videos: Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott Enabled and Covered Up Roger Ailes’ Sexual Crimes! Jeanine Pirro Rips Omar a New One – Opening Statement. FOX Pulls Judge Jeanine. Fox Meltdown, Cancels Judge Jeanine, McCain Meltdown, No Qualified Dems for 2020. LIVE with Robert Spencer on the Christchurch Mosque Massacre. Here’s Why the Media is Actually Blaming TRUMP for the NZ SHOOTING!!! The Dirty CIA might be smart when it comes to deception But their MO is Always the same. The left Never apologizes nor changes. Instead, notice how whenever they want to enforce their immoral ideology on us there goes a false flag event?!! SO predictable; Just when Ilhan... Continue Reading →

Videos: Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate. America in 2019 – The Scary Truth! “Days of Noah” scenario unfolding in Nebraska – EPIC flooding, Evacuations and MUCH more! THIS JUST ΗΑPPΕNED IN ΙNDΟNΕSΙA, ΒUT SOMETHING ΕVEN SΤRΑNGER IS HAPPENING WΟRLDWΙDE Where were the medias when Project Veritas reported on this?? It seems as though it becomes a scandal when you are famous...  

Videos: Israel and Iran stress military resolve amid exchange of threats – TV7 Israel News 14.03.19. Muslims Fire-Bomb Israeli Police Station on Temple Mount. The REAL intolerance taking place at the Temple Mount! Pro-Jihad Jew-hater Rep. Rashida Tlaib speaks at Hamas-tied CAIR event. Missiles from Gaza on Tel Aviv in bible code Glazerson Muslims Fire-Bomb Israeli Police Station on Temple Mount: A number of Muslims threw a Molotov Cocktail at the Israeli police station on the Temple Mount. Police at the scene identified and arrested the suspects. This is not the first time that the Muslims have damaged the police station on the Temple Mount. In this... Continue Reading →

Videos: This Evidence Changes Everything!8 REPORTERS HAVE BEEN FIRED FROM FOX & CNN ON THIS ONE. COVER UP. Ultra-Wealthy Celebrities CAUGHT in College-Entrance Bribery Scheme!!! DoJ Charges Dozens. WORLD BANK LOSES LEGAL IMMUNITY, Trump Signals Major Reforms. RBG Public Death Records. Former Clinton Foundation adviser to be deposed Thursday. Pelosi Takes Out AOC!

Videos: Israel threatens Hamas with “widespread military action” and to retaliate ‘vigorously’ to terror emanating from Gaza, tension escalates amid spike in violence, Hamas demands Israeli-concessions in return for ceasefire, IDF exposes covert Hezbollah activities along Israel-Syria border – TV7 Israel News. PM Netanyahu on the exposure of the Hezbollah Golan terror network

Videos: SURGE in Right-Wing POPULISM Ready to Topple TRUDEAU!!! Liberals’ shallow foreign affairs strategy led to “gong show” in India – Sheila Gunn Reid. Associated Press prints FAKE NEWS defending Trudeau and SNC-Lavalin – Ezra Levant. After Justin Trudeau speech – Andrew Scheer gets up and rips him straight for six minutes. Canada becomes a Banana Republic under the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau

Videos: What Makes People Liberal? Watch AOC Grab the Mic and Launch into FULL SOCIALIST Mode, With NAUSEATING Tax Declaration. SARAH SANDERS RIPS PELOSI ON FOX TV! MEDIA MATTERS’s Fake Outrage FAILS To Take Out TUCKER CARLSON!!! Here’s Why CNN Is Being Sued for OVER a QUARTER of a BILLION DOLLARS!!! President Trump URGENT Briefing on Trafficking on the southern Border. Jihad in Congress – Larry Klayman and Laura Loomer Raise Criminal Allegations Against Ilhan Omar

Videos: Myths VS Facts – Closing Thoughts. Ginsburg Update Whoopi Goldberg. IS THIS A THREAT TO OUR COUNTRY! WATCH ILHAN OMAR & TLAIB SAID THESE DISGUSTING LYRICS. MUST WATCH!! Smart man boldly sliced Ilhan Omar to shreds in Congress. See What this Jewish Woman Just REVEALED About Rep. Omar. CNN Liars Try To Shut Down Fox News. Twitter Suspends Journalist After Trump Retweets ‘Dark Money’ Article  

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