Videos: The Nationalist Right DOMINATES while Left COLLAPSES in Israel!!! Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc wins Israeli elections!! Netanyahu Announces Amazing Development in Shocking Announcement. Israel to assert sovereignty over the West Bank, Syria vows to recapture the Golan Heights, Netanyahu-Putin discuss major developments in Syria, – TV7 Israel News. Signs of the Last Days! (2019-2020) Chocolate Matza recipe for Passover. #HealthForAll – Israel Marks World Health Day

Israeli PM Netanyahu Announces Amazing Development in Shocking Announcement: THIS IS HUGE!!! In a televised interview last night, Prime Minister Netanyahu has finally announced that he plans to apply Israeli sovereignty to Jewish towns and cities in Judea & Samaria. This announcement is huge, moving the goalpost away from the “two-state solution”, that never even had a chance, to the actual sole solution of living peacefully with our Arab Muslim neighbors by Israel applying sovereignty in our ancestral homeland, Judea and Samaria, where most of the Biblical stories actually took place. Read More See Video:

Nice recipe for this upcoming Passover

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