Videos: Notre Dame Cathedral in Flames Following Months of Church Attacks in France. Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire: Here’s What We May Have Lost! JEC Video – ‘Islam Taking Over Congress One District At A Time’ Restricted By YouTube. Glazov Moment: Muslim Woman Murders 5-Year-Old Slave Girl. Canadian Islamic terrorists claim 300 victims – Lee Humphrey. Protest in downtown Montreal denouncing Bill 21. MEMRI Director Of Reform: The World Must Not Recognize Sudanese Military Council

This is not the first Church to be vandalized or set ablaze over the past few months, but it certainly is the most devastating. Newsweek just wrote an article a few weeks ago on how French Churches are being vandalized across France yet officials don’t know why. To confuse matters even more, just three days ago a jihadi terrorist woman was sentenced to eight years in prison by a French court for involvement in a foiled plot in 2016 to blow up the Notre Dame Cathedral with a car packed with gas canisters. Three days later the Notre Dame is up in flames. Coincidence? Maybe. But there is a long list of Church attacks the past few Months across France and that certainly does not look like a coincidence. Read More:



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