Videos: Scandal SINKS Trudeau in the Polls!!! Canada Freedom Lost. The facts of carbon taxes. Carbon Tax = Population Control. Trudeau’s Private Island Trip with John Kerry, Court Orders to Reopen Probe on Aga Khan Vacation. NOTORIOUS PEDOPHILE THAT RAN U.N. KIDS CHARITY WORKED WITH CLINTON AND TRUDEAU

We all consist of good and bad. We will hate and love. Therefore there will always be good speech and bad speech. Banning, condemning, prosecuting and criminalizing hate speech is Banning Speech!!!

Carbon tax in other words is Taxing You for breathing for Existing!!! This is what the new world order looks like. No free speech and no guns to protect yourself and your fellow man. Is this what Total Recall was all about? Are they deliberately polluting the earth so that they can sell us “clean air” just like they did with “clean water”?! Where does this greedy insanity end? It doesn’t!!



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