Videos: When is Enough Enough? Bill Barr’s Fraud: No DOJ Indictments Over Trump “Spying”; Bundy Outrage! Jeanine Pirro Rips Comey & Spies. Trump: Time to Investigate Hillary, DNC and Comey! Russia Warns of a NWO-Iran warns US of consequences-N.Korea gives US Deadline. A 2020 RED WAVE is RISING – and the Democrats are Powerless to Stop It!!! SHOCK STUDIES: Millennials and Gen Z’s More CONSERVATIVE Than Ever!!!

Videos: #AssaultOnFreeSpeech . At War with Christianity: Dark Agenda. Do not let America Become London: Katie Hopkins. Pretty Much the Weakest Argument Against Conspiracy Theories Ever. Alan Turing, Cybernetics and the Secrets of Life. O’Keefe Receives Subpoena in NH – Un-Aired WMUR Interview. Chase Bank RESPONDS to #debanking Story – No Denial Of “moral character” Judgment. Twitter Exec Denies Shadow Banning in Senate Hearing. The ARREST of JULIAN ASSANGE and the Consequences of GLOBALISM!!! Facebook Investors Want to Check Zuckerberg’s Power, Oust Him from Company Chair

Videos: Michael Knowles Attacked On Stage for saying men are not women!! GENDER BENDER BS: How OUR KIDS are being “PSYCHOLOGICALLY MOLESTED” by educators. Rep. Joe Kennedy on Transgenderism and Sports: ‘That’s Your Problem’!! Secret 14,000-Page Boy Scout ‘PERVERSION LIST’. “WHAT DO CRAIGSLIST AND PEDOPHILES HAVE IN COMMON?” CHILDREN ARE THE CURRENCY OF THE PEDOPHILIC WORLD ELITE The illuminati's of the world are All androgynous AKA Transexuanality. They have been shoving this diabolical agenda on us for thousands of years...  

Videos: PM Netanyahu ROCKED the world in this 2 minute speech. Gazan’s launch incendiary balloons despite ceasefire, Israel conducts deadly air-raid on Iranian targets in Syria, Netanyahu’s rivals vow to make his life ‘a living hell’ – TV7 Israel News. PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at Weekly Cabinet Meeting. Bibi might make the biggest move in Israeli history. Fascinating Conversation with Medieval History Expert about Notre Dame and the Jews The Left has poisoned the world!!! Bibi might make the biggest move in Israeli history: Yes – that is a bombastic headline. But it is not such a stretch. Bibi Netanyahu may indeed be on the cusp of changing history. When Israel liberated the heartland of Judea and Samaria in... Continue Reading →

Videos: Scandal SINKS Trudeau in the Polls!!! Canada Freedom Lost. The facts of carbon taxes. Carbon Tax = Population Control. Trudeau’s Private Island Trip with John Kerry, Court Orders to Reopen Probe on Aga Khan Vacation. NOTORIOUS PEDOPHILE THAT RAN U.N. KIDS CHARITY WORKED WITH CLINTON AND TRUDEAU We all consist of good and bad. We will hate and love. Therefore there will always be good speech and bad speech. Banning, condemning, prosecuting and criminalizing hate speech is Banning Speech!!! Carbon tax in other words is Taxing You for breathing for Existing!!! This is what the new world order looks... Continue Reading →

Videos: Notre Dame Cathedral in Flames Following Months of Church Attacks in France. Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire: Here’s What We May Have Lost! JEC Video – ‘Islam Taking Over Congress One District At A Time’ Restricted By YouTube. Glazov Moment: Muslim Woman Murders 5-Year-Old Slave Girl. Canadian Islamic terrorists claim 300 victims – Lee Humphrey. Protest in downtown Montreal denouncing Bill 21. MEMRI Director Of Reform: The World Must Not Recognize Sudanese Military Council

This is not the first Church to be vandalized or set ablaze over the past few months, but it certainly is the most devastating. Newsweek just wrote an article a few weeks ago on how French Churches are being vandalized across France yet officials don’t know why. To confuse matters even more, just three days ago a jihadi terrorist... Continue Reading →

Videos: Glazov Moment: Islamic Video: Properly Beat Your Wife. Proof Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Doesn’t View Jihad As Terrorism and Calls Stephen Miller ‘White Nationalist.’ Only Problem Is That He’s Jewish. NY Cleric Muhammad Ibn Muneer: Muslims Should Hate Non-Muslims. Iranian President Authorizes IR-6 Centrifuge Installation, Says Sanctions Can’t Stop Our Development. Glazov Moment: Giving Jews “The Wrong Meds.” Ellen DeGeneres Slams Muhammad on Twitter! Ilhan Omar Calls Stephen Miller ‘White Nationalist.’ Only Problem Is That He’s Jewish. I’m not quite sure what the term “white nationalist” means anymore. I used to think I had the definition pretty much down: It was someone who believed that white European people constituted a race and must have their own ethnic... Continue Reading →

Videos: NEWS ALERT! Trump Declares TREASON! GAME OVER For Comey, Hillary, Strozk, McCabe…!!! SWAMP IS FINALLY DRAINING: BARR ASSEMBLES TEAM-NUNES REFERS 8 FOR CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. Barr: Spying on Trump Campaign a Big Deal!! HEATED – Attorney General Barr Utterly DESTROYS Dianne Feinstein on ObamaCare Legality. US officials announce 36 indictments against Michael Avenatti. In Historic 9-0 Decision, Supreme Court Just Shredded Democrats. CONFIRMED: Hillary ‘Mercilessly’ Drove Former WH Counsel to His Demise. Julian Assange Arrested, Asylum Revoked, & The Lie About It

Videos: The Nationalist Right DOMINATES while Left COLLAPSES in Israel!!! Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc wins Israeli elections!! Netanyahu Announces Amazing Development in Shocking Announcement. Israel to assert sovereignty over the West Bank, Syria vows to recapture the Golan Heights, Netanyahu-Putin discuss major developments in Syria, – TV7 Israel News. Signs of the Last Days! (2019-2020) Chocolate Matza recipe for Passover. #HealthForAll – Israel Marks World Health Day Israeli PM Netanyahu Announces Amazing Development in Shocking Announcement: THIS IS HUGE!!! In a televised interview last night, Prime Minister Netanyahu has finally announced that he plans to apply Israeli sovereignty to Jewish towns and cities in Judea & Samaria. This announcement is huge, moving the goalpost away from the “two-state solution”, that never... Continue Reading →

Videos: Sick Dems Voted on Shock Bill After Voting To Allow Babies To Die Even if They Survive Abortion. With Nielsen Out, Will Trump Turn Tougher to Fix Border Crisis? Former Border Patrol Chief Claims Nielsen’s Departure Will ‘Jump Start’ DHS. New Hampshire Man Admits To Voting Twice – Violating State and Federal Laws. NEWS ALERT! AOC Doubles Down on DOOMSDAY! She’s OUT OF CONTROL! Are LIBERALS Really More TOLERANT Than CONSERVATIVES? Rothschild Family Terrified at Growing Political Movements  

Videos: The Myth of the Unbiased Search Engine. Google Exec Outlines YouTube Community Standards Enforcement Before Congress. UK Govt Trying to Control Online Free Speech Is Very Serious and Sinister Warns Analyst. BRIGITTE GABRIEL: The Swindling Poverty Law Center. Cyber Jihad Group Gets Christian Apologists Banned from Facebook (David Wood)  

Videos: 3 Takeaways from the World Congress of Families in Verona!!! Matteo Salvini and the World Congress of Families Poised to Become PRIME MINISTER after European Elections!!! Italy Moves to Seize Gold From Central Bank – “It Belongs to The People, Not The Bankers”. Hungary’s illegal immigration plunges over 99% after building border fence. YELLOW VEST ACT 21: Why MACRON’s Administration is COLLAPSING!!! SHOCK STUDY: Populist Sentiments SURGE in Britain!!! Estonia Gets Its First NATIONALIST POPULIST Government!!! Jair Bolsonaro Is RIGHT; Nazis Were LEFTISTS!!!  

Videos: Idiot Savant Trudeau Already Predicts He Will Lose Election, Blames Russia for His Failure. Working class Americans get jobs — Canadians get a carbon tax – Ezra Levant. Andrew Sheer holds Unbelievable Press Conference, Justin Trudeau threatens Legal Action. Is this Trudeau’s best speech ever? Media “Trudeau drowned out by Protestors”. Will fake feminist Trudeau “rescue” women’s hockey league? – David Menzies  

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