Shabbat Shalom dear friends around the world :-) The Secret Story of the Prayer for Redemption Taking Over the World. Rabbi: Earthquake in Israel is Birthpang of Messiah. Videos: If you ever wondered why God chose this land as His own, then you better watch this. Jerusalem by night. Top 10 Biblical Tourist Spots in Israel [PHOTOS]

Heed the sound of my cry, my king and Hashem, for I pray to You. Psalms 5:3 (The Israel Bible™)  A prayer to hasten the Messiah is circling the globe, with millions of copies transferred from hand to hand, one copy at a time. For the first time, Breaking Israel News reveals the story of the... Continue Reading →

Videos: William Barr Strikes-Down Mueller’s Narrative. Entire Intel Community Engaged in Sedition. James Clapper Talks Violins on CNN. John McCain Called Nov. 22, 1963 an ‘Intervention’. Ex FBI Lawyer Squealed. WikiLeaks says Julian Assange is so Seriously Ill He Can’t Even Speak, Misses Court Hearing. Donations REFUNDED At Build The Wall – They Need To Close The Fundraiser. Pope Summons ‘AntiChrist’ To Ignite Global Rule & ‘Save The Planet’…Meanwhile They’re Poisoning You

Videos: Yellow Vest Uprising Act 28 as French Populists Surge!!! Le Pen WINS!!! Macron Humiliated in EU Elections!!! SALVINI WINS! LEGA Officially the BIGGEST Party in ITALY!!! Theresa May Finally RESIGNS as the Tories IMPLODE!!! The Brexit Party TRIUMPHS as Tories and Labour Collapse!!! Nationalist Right SURGES to STUNNING VICTORY in Belgium!!! CONSERVATIVES WIN GREECE!!! The New York Times FINALLY Admits: The World is Turning Nationalist Populist!!! Restructuring Of The Global Economic System. A New Europe is Born: Nationalist Populists Smash Globalist Elites in EU Vote!!! George Soros BANNED from the Philippines!!!

VIDEOS: YOU WERE LIED TO: THE CIA & DNI HACKED THE ELECTION. Lawyer Who Said Hillary Clinton Can be Indicted is Now a Federal Judge. Mnuchin Holds His Ground as Dem Lawmaker Grills Him About Confidential Draft Leaked IRS Memo. Democrats Finally Found Gun Control They Don’t Like. America VS NWO – It’s Go Time! Obama Used Private Contractors to Spy on Trump. Michael Knowles vs. too-cool-for-school SJW

Videos: FAKE NEWS CNN Lays Off Entire Division!!! Chris Cuomo OWNED by Mark Meadows, who calls CNN on B.S.! Exposing Liberal Propaganda. ABC News Stuns With UNEXPECTED Attack on Pete Buttigieg. “We Have You Polling at 0%…” Dem Candidate Hilariously Tries to Explain Why He’s Still Running. Trump Has BRUTAL Message For FOX News For ‘Putting More Democrats On’ Than Republicans. CNN & MSNBC Lie About Doctored Nancy Pelosi Video. No President has EVER had to put up with a MONSTER like Nancy Pelosi. Jim Acosta Has a New Theory About Trump  

Videos: Police Allow Muslim Gang to Attack Political Rally. THIS IS SCARY: OUR GOVT IS FUNDING TERRORISM INSTEAD OF STOPPING IT. Ben Carson Hits Back at Ilhan Omar After She Knocks His Performance During House Hearing. Do Muslims Worship the Same God as Christians and Jews? Cowards in Control

VIDEOS: THIS COULD BE THE LAST MESSAGE WE EVER HEAR. Prophecy Alert: “Apocalyptic Water Turns BLOOD RED Around Iran Hormuz Island”. America – THE VIDEO THEY DON’T WANT SEEN! 15 Minutes Of Mind Blowing Videos. Unbelievable Events Going On Worldwide. This Is The Biggest Storm Ever! This Just Happened In China… Bill Nye Turns Up the Heat in Latest Climate Pitch, Tucker Isn’t Impressed. Vermont Auto Inspection Sticker Scam – Faith’s Ford & Haviland Services. Teacher Caught Planting Bullet on School Staircase to Cause Lockdown.    

Videos: The Escalation Of Leftist Political Violence. Tom Steyer Retires From Attacking President Trump, Now Moves On To Attacking HIS OWN PARTY MEMBERS. Comey Was a Communist! Rev. Graham Blasts Jim Carrey for Horrific Painting Showing Pro-Lifer Being Murdered. INSANE: The View Wants To Lock Up The Republican Party. TOTAL BLACKOUT: FORMER FBI TRANSLATOR ARRESTED ON TERRORISM TIES. UNREAL! Ilhan Omar grabs the mic and ATTACKS the Pentagon For Killing Terrorists, Omar Is In TROUBLE! Hundreds Gather In NYC To PROTEST HER!! Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Goes Full Burkini!

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