Videos: Trump SLAMS Joe Biden, Expects To Give Him A Good Run For His Money In 2020 Race. HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY: #METOO MOVEMENT FOUNDER SECRETLY WORKING FOR JOE BIDEN!!! Biden Makes Absurd Claim About Jim Crow Coming Back. Swamp Rewind: Young Joe Biden ADMITS He’s a Corporate Sellout. Tucker Carlson.. “Beto is Done”!! President Trump GOES OFF on Press at Meeting with Slovak Prime Minister at the White House. Skeleton Crawls From Jerry Nadler’s Closet, Exposes Massive Conflict of Interest Against Trump. Dem Sen Hirono LOSES HER MIND And Melts Down During Barr Hearing. Senate Democrats Delete Embarrassing Poll After it Backfires Badly. Ticket Prices Plunge From $2000 To $7 Dollars For Bill And Hillary Clinton’s Speaking Tour. Why U.S. Will Never Grant Assange Immunity

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