Videos: Failing Justin Trudeau Dumbfounds Everyone with Bizarre Laughably Corrupt Promotion. Trudeau’s (U.N.) To Do List, Signs Against Speech But Covers For Extremists. Where are the Trudeau government’s priorities? ~ “I Am Happy!”. “She looks very healthy!” Toronto reacts to plus sized Swimsuit edition – David Menzies. Toronto’s Creepy Mayor … Surviving Toronto in a MAGA Hat. MAGA hat teen’s “punchable face” teacher story revealed. Medicine Hat stands up for Alberta and Mayor Nenshi isn’t helping. What exactly will a “national climate emergency” do?

They Actually think we’re idiots!!! New Zealand and Sweden are Well conformed to the new world order and are killing their own people. And Who the hell is the UN to dictate Agenda21 to the world? A worldwide genocide agenda. This is unreal!!

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