Videos: Rep. Rashida Tlaib A Woman Of Hate Speech Stands With Hamas, Her Family Ties to Islamic Terror, Rashida Tlaib’s brother praises terrorists, Her Dirty Little Secret of Congressional Junket to Israel. TLAIB’S TALL TALE: UNDENIABLE HISTORICAL PROOF PALESTINIANS NEVER PROVIDED SAFE HAVEN FOR JEWS!!! Islamic Terrorists Now Control Facebook and Twitter. Mosques Receive Threats After Video of Kids Singing “Chop Off Their Heads”. Glazov Moment: Asia Bibi Arrives in Canada; Rejected By UK. Louis Farrakhan Responds to Social Media Ban: Satanic Jews Are Mad I Exposed Their Hatred of Jesus. The threats facing the West can no longer be ignored!!

Rashida Tlaib’s Family Ties to Islamic Terror: This video by the Israel Advocacy Movement exposes Rashida Tlaib’s inner circle and their ties to terror and anti-Semitism.

Rashida Tlaib’s mother belongs to the Tlaib family from the Palestinian village of Beita in Samaria, known as a hotspot for terrorism. Her brother talks about Islamic dominance over Western countries, glorifies Hamas and makes anti-Jewish comments. The facts about the US congresswoman’s closest family members and associates are truly alarming. Watch and share!

The Dirty Little Secret of Rashida Tlaib’s Congressional Junket to Israel: “He who deals deceitfully shall not live in my house; he who speaks untruth shall not stand before my eyes.” Psalms 101:7 (The Israel Bible™)  The media is whitewashing Rashida Tlaib’s junket for freshman Congressmen to Israel, which is being sponsored by an outstanding humanitarian NGO. What they aren’t telling you is that the second sponsor is a rabidly anti-Israel NGO founded just to produce propaganda and a history of turning U.S. politicians into anti-Semite. Read More:

Back in the 80’s when the so called Palestinians (Arabs from different parts of the world) were about to be expelled from Egypt We the Jews said Come we will take care of you! So much for gratitude. Instead we got hatred, anti-Semitism, violence, non stop rockets, fires, kidnappings, murders, terrorist attacks everywhere, false propaganda, lies, deceit, and never to make peace and accept us as a people. By the way the fake medias don’t mention the fact that Israel provides the ingrate haters in Gaza 15 thousand tones of food, water, medication, pharmaceutical goods, clothing and you name it Weekly! God is Laughing at all who think they know best when it comes to the Holy land God’s Holy land.


They have taken our Holy books used it to do the exact opposite and stain us with false propaganda since day one. Centuries in the making where mighty powers came and went and overrated. Meanwhile many still believe crap… Genesis 12:3 is alive & well!

The threats facing the West can no longer be ignored: The threats facing the West are threats from without and threats from within. The Western Judeo-Christian world will only survive if it wakes up to these threats. Read More:

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