Videos `LIVE NOW: President Donald Trump MASSIVE Rally in Montoursville Pennsylvania. Trump’s POST-GLOBALIST Confrontation with China!!! PRO-LIFE FORCES UNLEASHED! ALABAMA BANS ABORTION!!!!! FINALLY!!! TRUMP ADMIN READY TO ELIMINATE THE POWER OF ACTIVIST JUDGES. TRUMP REVENGE! Justice Dept Investigating Deep State COUP Attempt!!! The Biggest Surprise About Running For President. 2020 Democrat Candidates DESTROYED by #Tucker Carlson for being a Bunch of CLOWNS! Beto O’Rourke Livestreams His Haircut, Man Has NO CLUE Who He Is. Elizabeth Warren 2020 Update: Gets IGNORED by Crowd on Train – YET says “People are Fired Up”. Commie NYC Mayor Gets A TERRIBLE Start to His 2020 Presidential Campaign In HIS OWN CITY. Congressional Candidate Wants To Take On AOC. GOP Congressman Calls for Trump’s IMPEACHMENT!!!

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